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When to use Tables

  • Tables should be used to organize data and information.
  • Tables should not be used for layout. Let the web team assist if you are not happy with the layout.
  • Tables should not be too complex. Tables also appear on small devices. The user should quickly and easily be able to digest all table information quickly.

Adding Tables 

  1. Click on the table button
  2. Enter the number of table columns and rows 
  3. To enter content, click on the cell and add your content. 

Editing Tables 

  1. Place your cursor into the table cell.
  2. Right click, select row or columns. From there you will see options to add or delete rows or columns. 

Table Properties Settings - Settings that are overridden by Trinity styles

The following table display settings that you do not need to edit while styling your table. All of the marked fields are taken care of by the global Trinity stylesheets for the website.

Caption Field - Provides a caption that appears above the table that explains the contents within the table

Summary - provides a summary of the contents in the table, can be similar to caption field, but is very helpful to screen readers and other accessible devices.

Tips on using tables

Tables should be used only when necessary, as they do not translate well on mobile sites including tablets. Also try to limit the number of columns, the more columns there are, the narrower the columns get which can make it hard to read.