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Glossary of Icons

You Select

You Get

Format  This is where you select all the different heading styles. 
Bold Bold
Italicized  Italicized
Spell Check You can select to spell check as you go, or spell check all at once. 
Undo This will undo the last action completed. 
Redo This will redo the last action that was undone. 
Block quoted

Block quoted

Horizontal Rule



Ordered list
  1. First Item 
  2. Second Item
Unordered list 
  • First item
  • Second item
Indent left

This will unindent any item that is indented. 

Indent right

This will indent an item 

Indented once

Link  Linked text
Unlink This allows you to unlink a piece of text. 
Anchor This link will take you to the top of the page. 
Image Inserts an image, and allows you to set any styles needed. 
Table header
Table cell

To Edit a Table after creation:
 just place your cursor into the table cell, right click, select row, and delete table row.

Paste from Word. If you have your copy text in word, use this before placing it within the wysiwyg
Remove formatting  If you have copied your text into the body copy, use this to remove the formatting. Highlight the text and then click this button. 
Blocks Blocks will show you the structure of the page in the editing screen. You can turn this on or off by clicking this button.