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Contact Block

Contact Blocks

Contact blocks are located in the left sidebar region of a page and contain general contact information about the department or office. The information in the block repeats and lives on every page of the site.

Note: This block does not replace the standard "Staff" page. It's highly recommended for offices and departments to utilize general contact information in the Contact block, and keep individually staff information on a separate Staff page.

How to Edit

To edit the contact block, hover over the text. In the top right hand corner, a gear icon will appear.
preview of the contact us block in the sidebar

Click on it, then click edit. Fill out all fields necessary. There is a space for any additional content that you may want. Know that all content in this block will appear on all pages in your office/department as opposed to the right and left column content that will appear on only one page. 

Contact Us Block Fields

Label - Do not change this. This area is for Administrative purposes only. 

Title - The Title of the block, will appear larger text above the contact information. Do not inject any HTML tags into this area.

Create new revision, Set Revision as Default - Do not change this. This records all edits of the block and allows admins to revert the block to a previous state if necessary.

Log Message - Not required. Only use if more than one person from your office / department are editing the block at the same time. Use to provide an explanation of the changes you are making.

Contact Us Information (Name) - Name of the office or department. Please do not use abbreviations. This will automatically receive a bold style when submitted.

Contact Us Information (Campus Location) - Location on campus. [Building Name] [Room Number] Please do not use abbreviations.

Contact Us Information (Campus Address) - By default, Trinity's address is in place. Use this area if you need to adjust the address to accommodate mailing addresses, specific rooms besides the main Campus Location, etc.

Contact Us Information (Phone Number) - Primarily it should be the office/department main phone number and fax number. This area is not intended to list more than 2 phone numbers. Please use only phone numbers affiliated with Trinity University, do not list any personal phone numbers on the website. Please do not use shortened versions of phone numbers (x9999).

Phone number format: 999- 999-9999
Fax number format: 999-999-9999 fax

Contact Us Information (Email) - This email address should be the office / department main contact email, or a single email address of the primary contact in the office. This area is not intended to list more than 2 emails. Please use only emails affiliated with Trinity University, do not list any personal emails on the website.

Email Format: username [at]

Contact Us Information (Add another Office Section) - This area is intended if your office contain multiple sub-areas that have different phone numbers, addresses, or contact information. 

Social Links - Place the full URL of the social media account that you would like to add. Use the Add More option to add other social media accounts. Use the Remove button to delete the social media accounts that you do not need. One account is allowed per icon. If you have more than one Facebook account that you would like to add onto the website, place the main social media account here, and contact the Web Team for assistance with best practice of how to list your social media accounts on your site.

If your social media account is not listed within the options presented, contact the Web Team for assistance.

Below Content - Use this area to place any content that will appear below the Contact Us block.

Call to Actions - If you need a call out button, use this section to add the link, button title, and a brief explanation of what the link will do. Once submitted, the link and link title will appear as a blue button.