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Common Mistakes to Avoid

Under Construction Messages

Please do not add "Under Construction" messages to any page of your website. This is bad usability practice and can possibly discredit your office or department as a whole, as well as our website. Under construction messages lead to dead ends, which is why we enforce contact information in the left sidebar to account for those situations when a user needs to acquire more information.

If your content is out of date, please update with further information as soon as it is available. If you need assistance with updates, please submit a ticket to web-request [at] or use the Feedback button in the bottom right hand corner of the screen. 

Text remove formatting

Use text remove formatting when copying and pasting content from other sources (Microsoft Word, Google Docs, etc). This icon removes all of the system styles from Word or other programs to ensure that the text will be properly formatted on the Trinity website.

Remove does not DELETE

Every time you upload a document or image using File Attachments, it is attached to that page and that page only. If you click remove, it will not permanently delete the file. It will disassociate itself from the page, and will float around in Drupal space. It will not appear in the list of File Attachments. What is Drupal space? The file will move into a directory that is still searchable by Google. A place unknown until you realize that the file is linked elsewhere and is discovered by search.

Forgetting to "Save" (publish) edits 

The mistake: The user spends lots of time editing a page, but forgets to hit save, assuming that Drupal will autosave changes. The changes are never published.

Solution (recommended):  Keep the working document outside of Drupal. Make sure it's finalized before entering it into Drupal, and published once you are finished.

Updating a version of a PDF in one location, but forgetting that the same PDF 'lives' somewhere else

The mistake:
Page A contains PDF1
Page B contains PDF1

A user replaces PDF1 on Page A to a new version but keeps the same filename. This will not change PDF1 on Page B, resulting in outdated content on Page B. 

Solution: Either Page A or Page B should be designated to be the PDF home. Page A is now the PDF home. Page B should have a reference link to Page A. So when the user updates PDF1, both pages will link to the correct PDF.

Replacing PDF's with Different File Names / Uploading multiple versions of the same PDF

The mistake:
Page A has filename1.pdf
User downloads the PDF, makes edits, and re-uploads as filename1-1.pdf.
User uses the Remove function  filename1.pdf not realizing that this function does not permanently delete filename1.pdf
User inserts filename1-1.pdf onto the page.
filename1.pdf is still showing up in search results.

Page A has filename1.pdf
User downloads the PDF, makes edits, saves as filename1.pdf replacing the existing file on their desktop
User uses the Remove function in Drupal for filename1.pdf
User uploads filename1.pdf from their desktop
User saves the page
The new version of filename1.pdf will be available once the site's cache clears.

Unpublishing Parent-Level links by accident

The mistake: User unpublishes Half Marathon Challenge, but wants to keep Past Challengs. Once Halr Marathon Challenge is unpublished, Past Challenges is automatically unpublished as well.

Solution: User should contact a member of the Web Team to get assistance with re-ordering menu items.

Misusing Return Characters, spaces, etc for design

Incorrect: Using the space bar to indent or create tables. This produces bad HTML

          Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet

   Lorem                                   ipsum dolor sit amet,
   Lorem                                   ipsum dolor sit amet,
   Lorem                                   ipsum dolor sit amet,

Incorrect: Using headings to space out paragraphs. This violates accessibility.

Two users editing the same page

Injecting HTML in the WYSIWYG

Using Ordered list correctly

Overly Backspacing

Forgetting to resize the Editor

Image borders