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Book Page Fields

What is a book page? It's what you're editing! Think of all your site pages and subpages as pages of a book. Each book page contains several fields, so it's better if we explain what those are.


The title page is what will be listed in the navigation and at the top of the page. 

Policy Field

Only the web team can select this field. This will automatically index your page on the policy search at If you believe this is incorrectly marked, please contact the web team at web-request [at]

Intro Copy 

Intro copy is the first body field on the edit page. It has slightly larger styling than body copy. Images, links and documents can be added to the intro copy. 

Body Copy

Body copy is the main field and the second field on the edit page, and should always have some content. All elements can be added into the body copy. 

Left Column Content 

Left column content is the third field on the edit page. Content entered in this area will appear below the navigation, and above the contact block. This content will appear on only the page you are editing. 

Right Column Content 

Right column content is the fourth field on the edit page. Content entered in this area will appear below any content in Intro copy, and to the right of all other content. This content will only appear on the page you are currently editing.  

Optional Fields 

Optional fields is at the very bottom of the page in the left hand navigation. Optional fields is where you can upload images and documents to the page. 


Revision information is where you can enter information about changes you made. This is not a requirement. 

Publishing Options

This is where you can publish or unpublish the page.