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Vehicle Parking

For more information about parking services and to register your vehicle please go to the parking services page.

  • To provide a safe control of traffic and parking on campus, regulations have been promulgated that apply to students, employees and visitors. 
  • Parking on campus throughout the year, including semester and holiday breaks, requires a valid permit.
  • The registration of a vehicle on campus does not guarantee a parking place, but affords the registrant an opportunity to park in authorized parking areas when parking space is available. 
  • The University is not responsible for losses due to theft or damage to vehicles while on University-owned or leased property. 
  • University Police is responsible for the administration and enforcement of these regulations, and may impose traffic control and restrictions as required. 
  • Conference parking, special event parking, and all other temporary parking requirements of the University are to be scheduled and approved through University Police by the University sponsor or host. 
  • Infractions of the parking regulations are the responsibility of the person who registered the vehicle on campus. 
  • Trinity University is primarily a pedestrian campus, Vehicles should yield to individuals crossing streets and parking areas at all times. 
  • For specific traffic and parking regulations, please refer to the Campus Map & Parking Information brochure distributed by Parking Services.