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Safety Training Videos

The Trinity University Police Department has supplied the following safety training videos to help provide valuable information to our students, faculty, and staff. We as a department hope that the university community takes advantage of these videos to assist in developing a mindset of creating a safe and secure educational environment in which to work, learn, and live.

Below is a brief description of the safety training videos that are provided. The descriptions are followed by a link that will take you into Tiger's Lair so that the videos can be viewed. We appreciate your time in stopping by and we hope you take something away that will help you in the future.

Shots Fired on Campus is a dynamic training program designed to instill the survival mindset and teaches students realistic strategies for dealing with an Active Shooter situation on campus. The Center for Personal Protection and Safety wants students to be mindful, not fearful, and believes they're never without a weapon once they develop and maintain the proper survival mindset.

360° Stay Safe- Stay Safe at College is an important step toward helping students take more responsibility for their personal safety and security.  This program has 7 chapters that discuss different situations that today's college student may come in contact with.

Watch all the videos online.