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Report Lost Card


Report It As Soon As Possible - To Protect Your Funds!

Your Trinity "Tiger" ID Card not only identifies you as a university community member, but it may also have a Meal Plan or Tigerbucks balance and access level assignments that if found can be wrongfully used by an unauthorized bearer.

  1. Be sure to either notify the Tiger Card Office staff from 8am-5pm Mon-Friday by calling 210.999.7885
  2. Or after regular business hours you can call the Trinity Police Department at 210.999.7070 and let them know you've lost your ID card. We will then put your card on "HOLD" so that no one else can use your meal plan or Tigerbucks funds.
    • The Department of Campus Safety can issue a Temporary Tiger-Prox ID card in the event your ID card has been lost or stolen and you are reporting it after regular business hours. These cards are issued to students for their residential hall access, although only activated for up to 48 hours.
  3. Perhaps even better than the above two options is the fact that YOU can now put your card "on hold" yourself 24/7 by going online and reporting it "Lost".
    • Already "signed up" to view your Tigerbucks & Meal Plan account balances & transaction history online, then Click this Logon to GetFunds link to continue, But if you haven't yet signed up for access to your account online, SIGN UP first at Sign up to view account with Get Funds.

You will not be responsible for any amount charged to your account AFTER you notify the Tiger Card office, or the Department of Safety of your situation.  Otherwise, you will be held responsible for all charges made from your card.

So Take Good Care of Your Tiger ID Card!

Treat it Like You Would Any Other Form of Credit or Identification Card - Always Keep it in a Safe Place & "Never Leave Home Without It!"

However, if you FIND an ID card, Please Drop it by Trinity Police or at the Tiger Card Office, or call our office at 210.999.7825