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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question that is not addressed here, PLEASE feel free to ask us.

  1. As a new student how will I get my new ID card?

    All new students must upload their photo through the GET website, for detailed instructions please visit the COVID-19 Update page

  2. Can I print to a campus lab printer, wirelessly with my laptop computer?

    Absolutely, yes! PC & MAC Laptops that are setup to connect to Trinity University's wireless network can print to the new wepa printers by installing the wēpa cloud based print driver. Here is the URL for more PC laptop setup:  /

    PLEASE NOTE: Macintosh laptop users can download the wēpa drivers onto their personal devices now too.  Please see the section for downloading the app at:

  3. What are my Meal Plan Options?

    Trinity University's Meal Plan program consist of several options, if you are going to live on campus and don't choose a meal plan, one will be chosen for you (by default that is the Flex 240 MP).  Meal Plan changes can be made up to the last day of the "Add/Drop period" for each semester.
    If you are a student who is going to live on campus, please email reslife [at] with your Meal Plan choice. However, if you are a commuter student who plans to live off campus and want to purchase a commuter meal plan, please email the studentaccounts [at] To review all meal plans please see the current  Student Financial Services Meal Plan page

  4. Student Meal Plans are made up of two different types of tenders, Bonus Bucks & Board points.

    Bonus Bucks are a declining balance type of tender, you start with a balance and every time you use BonusBucks to pay for food on campus, the balance declines accordingly.

    The second type of tender is called "Board" Meal points and you can think of those as points (or vouchers) towards a Buffet dining experience at Mabee dining hall. Board points are only accepted at Mabee dining hall, since it's the only location on campus w/ an all-you-can-eat type of buffet style.

    Bonus Bucks are available to use at any campus dining location [w/ the exception of the Skyline which doesn't accept Bonus Bucks or Board points]. Once you select a meal plan, you have until the end of the add/drop period of each semester to change your meal plan choice. You cannot add funds to your "Bonus Bucks" tender at any time but you can, on the other hand, add funds to a separate tender called Tiger Bucks.

    Remaining Board points are forfeited and cleared out at the end of each semester. However, Bonus Bucks balances carry over from the Fall to the Spring semester and then at the end of the spring semester they are cleared out altogether.

  5. Is there a fee for damaged, lost or stolen Tiger Card's?

    There is no charge/fee for the replacement of a malfunctioning, extremely worn or faded card. However, deliberately damaged cards (ie. punching holes in them) and lost or stolen ID Cards will be accessed a $25 replacement fee and billed to your student account.

    All Meal plan, Tiger Bucks and access level assignments automatically transfer over to the new card, and the older card is deactivated. Replacement cards are issued by the Tiger Card Office in the Storch building, room # 005, Monday - Friday from 8am - 5pm.

    Temporary Prox-ID cards are also issued for campus residents by the Trinity University Campus Safety Office, located at 538 Kings Court ONLY after regular business hours. All Temp cards must be returned within 48 hours to the Tiger Card Office and a replacement ID card will be issued in its place. These temps cards can only be used  to access the residential hall buildings and have no available funds on them so they can not be used for any type of  purchases.  If you reside in a dorm room where access to your room is electronically controlled, please contact your Residential Hall Adviser for a temp card that will allow you to access the room.

  6. Does Trinity have a Campus Digital Print Shop?

    In June 2013, Trinity University's on-campus Digital Print and Press center was awarded to Ricoh-USA Inc. The on-campus printing facility is located on the 1st floor of the Elizabeth Hugh Coates Library (Room #100B). The only tender they are able to accept for payment is Tiger Bucks.  They do also accept "Deparmental Charge cards" but these types of cards are only used by Academic offices on campus.

    The Digital Print and Press Center is a university sponsored initiative designed to provide state of the art digital printing capabilities to Trinity students, faculty, and staff in a convenient on campus environment. In addition to meeting the Universities digital printing needs, Ricoh was selected for their ability to provide a complete and professional printing service package to all their customers.

  7. Where can I use my Tiger Card ID?

    Your university ID card [Tiger Card] can be used On & Off Campus throughout the university and several surrounding merchants locations. Your Tiger Card has Prox capabilities for access to electronically controlled doors. It also has a magnetic strip that is encoded for access to both Meal Plan and Tiger Bucks balances.

    You can use your Tiger Card at:

    • All Aramark terminals, all dining areas including The Commons, Mabee Hall, The Tiger's Den, Sky Line, The P.O.D. (Provisions On Demand), Einstein Bros. Bagels and Java City
    • The Campus convenience store, The Pod Mini Mart, located inside Mabee Dining Hall
    • For complete printing services at our digital print shop located on the 1st Floor of the Elizabeth Huth Coates Library (Room #100B)
    • And to pay for copies & prints from the university computer labs, those that utilize the new cloud based wepa print management system
    • The campus Barnes & Noble Bookstore
    • For laundry and vending machines, located throughout the university
    • Access to residential halls and other electronically controlled classrooms/labs
    • Tiger Bucks is accepted at several off campus merchants, to see our list of Off Campus Merchants
  8. How can I add money/value to my Tiger Bucks Account?

    The best way to add funds/value to your Tiger Bucks account is ONLINE any time of day or night with our secured, online management system: GetFunds Online!  Check meal plan and tigerbucks account balances, view a detailed transaction history, report a lost card and so much more.

    You can also add funds/value to your Tiger Bucks account with cash check or credit card at the Tiger Card Office, located at Storch Memorial building room #005.  We are open Mon-Friday from 8am - 5pm.  (210) 999-7825

    Or to add cash, visit any one of four Value Transfer Stations locations on campus:

    • The Elizabeth Huth Coates Library (behind Java City)
    • Coates Student Center (left side of lobby as you enter)
    • Thomas/Lightner Residential hall (in the lobby of the 3rd floor)
    • Mabee Dining Hall (located in the lobby)
  9. What if I don't have a Trinity University Tiger Card, how can I get a Tiger Bucks account?

    Trinity Guest may get a guest card [aka "Cub Card"] at one of the Value Transfer Stations [located in the Elizabeth Coates Library, or Coates Student Center, Storch Memorial building or Thomas/Lightner residential hall].

    You will need to add value to the Cub Card at those same locations in order to print. The Cub Card has a Tiger Bucks account so it will work on campus for dining, printing, copying, bookstore, campus mail center, and the campus laundry & vending machines.

    For those university guest who do not have an authenticating UserID & password, a generic User ID & password was created at the Library, ask a librarian for more details.

  10. What do I do if I need access to a certain electronically-controlled door?

    Door access request can be made by sending an email to the tigercardoffice [at] Requests are only accepted from Registrar’s Office, Department Chairs, Professors, or other Administrative staff.

    Please email the the following information:

    • The person’s name needing to have access
    • Their ID number (which is their Datatel number, located on the front of their id card)
    • Their Prox number (which is the five digit number located on the back of their ID card),
    • The Building name and/or Room numbers)
    • And any access-time restrictions. Email TCRD [at] with any special circumstances pertaining to the access and/or hours.
  11. Can I get a Cash advance from my Tiger Bucks account? What happens to my outstanding balance?

    Cash advances are NOT available from your Tiger Bucks Account. Tiger Bucks balances transfer from one year to another and are not cleared out at the end of any semester. All funds on deposit will be refunded following graduation, (or after withdrawal from the university). 

    However, Trinity University reserves the right to charge a Tiger Bucks account inactivity fee on funds left on deposit in accounts with no record of activity (for a period of time that exceeds one year from the time of original or last deposit). A $5.00 per month inactivity fee will be charged at the beginning of the 13th month and each month of account inactivity thereafter.

    This charge will continue until account activity resumes or the account balance reaches zero ($0.00) At this point the account will be closed. Account inactivity fees will cease to be assessed if or when the account activity resumes.

  12. How can I send a file to print to the campus Digital Print Center shop located in the library?

    Our campus print center is located in the Library's basement floor, room # 100b. For Trinity University Faculty, Staff, & Students to submit printing jobs or projects electronically all you have to do is send your print file w/ instructions on how you'd like the job processed to digitalprintcenter [at] or you can call them at (210) 999-7228 for further clarification.

  13. What is the difference between Tiger Bucks & Tiger Paws?

    Tiger Paws allows you to access information contained in the administrative database used by Trinity University. The application system allows you to register for classes, access your network directory/files, and much more. TigerPAWS uses your campus Intranet UserID and password for accessing this area of your student account.

    In contrast...

    Tiger Bucks is the tender name for the university's discretionary spending account. It is separate from the two tenders that make up your student meal plan (Bonusbucks & Board points) and can be used for all point-of-sale devices on campus.  Even though you can use Tiger bucks for any food service location, you should be sure to go through your meal plan tenders before you start to use Tiger bucks for meals. See question #5 for the various locations that accept Tiger bucks.  You can view all your tender balances, transaction history at the university's Online management system known as "GET".
    If you have never signed up for access to this area you will need to go to the "GET" website and click on the "Not Registered? Click here to sign up!" link, and enter your Trinity University seven-digit ID number [must include the leading zero(s)]. You will then be sent an email to the address you signed up with and will need to click on the link it gives you to verify and confirm your online access to your account. Once online you can easily & securely view Meal Plan & Tiger Bucks balances, transaction history, and much more!

  14. When I view my transaction history online, the location names are confusing and I am unable to figure out where they are located. What and where are these locations?

    The station location names, when you view your transaction history, is the way the system identifies them. This can be confusing if you are not familiar with the locations and their unique names. To help you identify exactly where your purchases are taking place when you view your transaction history you can refer to this list of the unique names and the locations that they refer to.

    Einsteins01 & Einsteins02 = Einsteins located in the Commons
    COMMONS09 WS4 = Main Register #1 in the Commons
    COMMONS10 WS4 = Main Register #2 in the Commons
    TACO TACO13 WS4 = Taco Taco station in the Commons
    JAVACITY08 WS4 = Java City in the Library
    MABEE01 WS4 = Main Register #1 at Mabee
    MABEE17 WS4 = Main Register #2 at Mabee
    SKYLINE14 WS4 = Skyline Dining in the Commons
    TCRD-ARAMICROS = Aramark Catering manager workstation (also where deducts from student's account are done, those who donate to Residential Hall catering activities and such)
    TCRD-BASIS wksta = Tiger Card Office workstation (this is the terminal where we add Tiger Bucks deposit via checks or our office's credit card terminal)
    TCRD-Paul Wright = Tiger Card Office director, (he makes occasional credits and/or corrections to student's account)
    TCRD-System Admin = Tiger Card Office system administrator, (usually the one who loads the semester meal plans and also makes modifications/changes to these plans according to the Student Information System and residential life status inquiries.

  15. What do I need to know about using Tiger Bucks Off Campus?

    All you need to know about using your tiger card off campus is that if you have enough funds in your Tiger Bucks account, and the merchant is accepting Tiger Bucks, you can use them! Here are the current participating merchants.

  16. What is the Academic Building Access Policy and what are the hours of operation?

    Faculty have 24/7 access to every academic building and electronic classroom. Staff access is assigned access according to department they are employed by. Students have 24/7 access to the dorms, labs and the Center for Science and Innovation.

    If a students needs access to academic buildings, classrooms and labs, the sponsoring department will forward the request to the Tiger Card Office.

    The following buildings will opened and closed during the school year, as shown on the following open/close schedule:

    Monday - Friday: 7:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m.
    Saturday: 9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
    Sunday: Noon - 10:00 p.m.

    CSI - Center for Science & Innovation
    Dicke Smith Building
    Halsell Administrative Studies Center
    Laurie Auditorium
    Marrs McLean Hall
    Richardson Communications Center
    Ruth Taylor Art Building, music center, and theatre
    Storch Memorial Building
    Monday - Friday: 7:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m.
    Saturday - Sunday: Closed
    Northrup Hall
    Chapman Center
    The following buildings have special hours that are subject to change at various times of the school year:
    Bell Athletic Center
    Coates Student Center
    Mabee Dining Hall
    Elizabeth Huth Coates Library
    Parker Chapel
    Physical Plant Buildings
    University Residence Halls

    Scheduled open and close of all campus buildings during the Summer months and Spring Break are as follows:
    Monday - Friday: 7:00 a.m. 6:00 p.m.
    Saturday - Sunday: Closed

  17. Why can't I just tell the cashier my ID number when I don't have my actual ID card with me, so that they can just key it in!?

    The Tiger Card debit card program is a card swipe driven system and therefore not designed for keyed in transaction entries. The system was designed to require transactions be tendered to patron accounts by swiping a valid Tiger Card through the system's point-of-sale card readers. Tiger Bucks, Bonus Bucks, Board Meal Points, and/or Departmental charges are the types of tender options the system supports.

    Cashiers are required to request that all patrons present a valid ID Card prior to the processing of all transactions. Patrons must present their own ID card and sharing ID cards is not acceptable at any time.