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Cub Card

Conference Attendees & Welcomed Guest can use the "Cub Card" for Tigerbucks Purchases

You can use tigerbucks at the campus Digital Print Shop in the library, or at any of the campus computer labs for printing and making copies, all soda & snack vending machines now accept tigerbucks.  All campus laundry rooms have transitioned to a card system and use tigerbucks (or quarters) for starting the washer & dryer machines.  A Cub Card is going to be the most convenient means for doing business on campus. 

Cub Card

Trinity University's Cub Card will allow you to use Tigerbucks to pay for your meals & beverages at any of our Campus dining locations including Java City, Skyline or Einstein's Bagel. You can also use Tigerbucks (via the Cub Card) at either of the campus POD's which are located in Mabee dining hall or in the CSI building front lobby area.

Where to Purchase / How to add funds

The Cub Card is FREE: However, it takes $1 to "purchase" a card from a Value Transfer station, these cards are already configured with a $1 balance. To add more funds, swipe the card again and add funds in increments of $1, $5, $10 and $20 bills.  But do keep in mind that there are NO refunds for unused balances, so please only add the funds you plan on using.

You may obtain a Cub Card (or add funds to your tigerbucks account) at any of the following Card-Value Station locations:

  • Coates Student Center (located in the lobby)
  • Elizabeth Coates Library (behind Java City)
  • Thomas/Lightner Foyer (located on the 3rd floor lobby)
  • Mabee Dining Hall (located on the 1st floor)

Please be sure to have the exact amount of cash/bills you want to put on the card, the Card Value Stations do not give change.

Keep your card in a safe place, make a note of the card's ID number that is on the back of the card, it is a cash alternative and like cash, if you lose it - someone else may use it - please report lost cards immediately to the Tiger Card Office (210) 999-7885 or after hours to the Campus Safety office (210) 999-7070, however you will need to know the card's ID number that is on the back of the card in order to report it lost and put on HOLD..

How to Add Funds to a Cub Card Online

Locate the first 7-digit number located on the back of your Cub Card (above the magnetic stripe) then go to the Online Management System to register, Online registration allows you to view Tigerbucks balances, transaction history and/or add funds using a credit card 24/7.

How to Use the Cub Cards

As a cash alternative, you no longer have to worry about carrying cash with you around campus - you can now use the Cub Card to make purchases at the Campus Bookstore, the Commons, and at Einstein's Bagels, Java City, and both campus PODs. All locations can be found on the university - campus map, or ask any one of our friendly faculty/staff - you will find they'll be happy to give you directions.

Once acquired, you have the choice to add value to the card in increments of $1, $5, $10 or $20. Each Value Transfer Station has an easy-to-follow menu for obtaining and adding value to your Cub Card.

Also available are services at our on-campus print shop "Digital Print and Press" located at the Library which by the way, only accepts Tigerbucks for payment.

PLEASE NOTE: Any unused balance left on the Cub Card is NON-REFUNDABLE, but the good news is that as long as use the card within a twelve month period the funds will always be available to you, bring it back next year and use it! Any balance under $5 (and inactive for more than twelve months) is deleted and are forfeited from the system.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your Cub Card, please call the Tiger Card Office staff at 210.999.7825