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Tiger Card

Trinity University's Tiger Card Office not only issues the official university Identification Card (aka, "Tiger Card") but also performs several important functions on the university's campus.

Manage Your Tiger Card

The Tiger Card Office Provides: For university staff, faculty, students & other affiliates access to electronically-controlled academic buildings, computer labs, classrooms, dorm rooms and other areas located on campus.

  • Furthermore, any card reader/swipe that is connected to a point-of-sale device on campus [ie. cash registers, copiers, printing services at Digital Print and Press shop, or for paying for prints in the computer labs, along with campus vending and all campus laundry controllers are maintained by the Tiger Card Office technical staff. You can report any issues with these types of readers to TCRD [at] or call (210) 999-7825.
  • We strive to insure that all equipment stays online 24/7.
  • View a pdf profile regarding the start of auxiliary program that the Tiger Card Office offers its students, faculty & staff.

A note regarding our "Tigerbucks" Inactivity Policy:

  • Any outstanding Tigerbucks balances, left on deposit for longer than 12 months of inactivity, are subject to an inactivity fee. "Inactivity" is defined as a 12 month period where no deposits, and no transaction sales have been tendered to that tigerbucks balance. This includes students who are no longer actively enrolled at the university, former alumni, faculty & staff who no longer work for the university or any of the university guest/gift Guest "Cub" Cards.
  • The inactivity fee is $5.00 and will be assessed twice a year, beginning with the 13th month of inactivity from that time of processing. Inactivity fees will cease to be assessed when account activity is resumed and/or when the balance runs out.