Temporary Impairments

Students with temporary impairments (e.g., broken arm or sprained ankle) can contact the SAS Coordinator with any questions or concerns. Depending on the nature of the impairment, the student may be able to receive some form of assistance. Possible supportive services include:

  • Notetakers and/or the use of an audio-recorder
  • A scribe for tests (a scribe is another student who is hired to write or type what the student with a temporary impairment dictates to her/him.)
  • Temporary parking permits
  • Permission to use a golf cart on campus (Golf carts are rented by the student).

If you have an impairment that affects your mobility, please see the Procedures for Students with Temporary Mobility Impairments

The University Student Handbook states that the student is responsible for notifying the faculty member if s/he misses class due to illness, preferably before the missed class. Health Services does not provide excuses for missed classes. If an illness causes a student to miss several days of classes or be hospitalized and Health Services has direct knowledge of this illness, staff may provide verification upon request by the student.