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Teaching and Advising Resources

Teaching Resources

Professors may need information about methods regarding effective teaching techniques for working with students with a particular disability or the types of adaptive equipment that will benefit students’ abilities to learn. You may contact SAS to learn how to make your classes more accessible to all students, or examine the excellent online resources below.

UC-Berkeley's Teaching Students with Disabilities

University of Washington's DO-IT Faculty Room

Advising Resources

If you are an adviser of a student with a disability, there are two documents which may assist you as you inform the student of her/his academic requirements and make recommendations.

Advising Students with Disabilities at Trinity University is a document created for faculty which addresses issues such as course load, the time of day the class is taken, and modifications to academic requirements.

College 101 is a document created for students with disabilities which informs them of issues they should consider when interacting with you during advisement.