Testing in the Accommodated Testing Center (ATC) is available only to those students registered with Student Accessibility Services and who have testing accommodations (extended time, reduced distraction environment) as part of their accommodation plan, as detailed in the letter written by the SAS office and communicated to the professor by the student.

The faculty member and student will determine if the student will use the ATC for an exam, or if the professor will be able to provide the requested accommodations in another setting (e.g., classroom, a conference room, or in an office). Discussion with the professor about use of the ATC should take place at least three business days prior to testing, so that a student can make reservations in the ATC at least two business days in advance of the test date.


Student's Responsibilities

  1. As outlined in a student's accommodation letter obtained through SAS, the students will discuss their need for accommodated testing with instructor(s) at the beginning of the semester.
  2. Students should reserve a testing time in the ATC at least two business days in advance, by contacting the ATC in person, by phone (210-999-8818), by email (atc [at], or by completing either the online form or the fillable PDF that is then emailed to atc [at] Drop-in testing is not permitted.
  3. When a student's reservation is confirmed by the ATC staff, the student will receive an email stating the date and time of the exam. The professor will also receive the email requesting they submit the exam to the ATC.
  4. On the scheduled date and time of the exam, the student will sign into the Accommodated Testing Center to take the exam. The student must arrive at the scheduled time. If the student is more than 15 minutes late, the test must be rescheduled. Students should be diligent about arriving on time to take the test.
  5. Students will be required to sign in by using their TU student ID card. An alternate picture ID will be acceptable.
  6. For purposes of security, when a student arrives to take a test, she/he will be required to leave all items at the check in area in the ATC. These items include:
    1. Books and materials (cell phone (turned off), keys, etc) not needed for the test
    2. Jackets, coats and sweaters
    3. Pockets must be emptied
    4. Drinks, food, gum, and other items are not allowed in the ATC.
  7. A student may only bring items specified by the professor.
  8. Students will abide by the Trinity University Academic Honor Code.

Faculty's Responsibilities

  1. Upon receipt of email from atc [at] confirming the student's test time and date, deliver the test to the Accommodated Testing Center (227 Halsell, or 201 Halsell (SAS office)) at least 24 hours before the scheduled test time. Exams can be hand delivered, or scanned and emailed to atc [at] A confirmation email will be sent stating the exam was received. The exam must have a Testing Instructions for Accommodated Exams form attached (see #2).
  2. When submitting a test or exam to the ACT, a completed Testing Instructions for Accommodated Exams form must be attached to the exam.  If submitting the exam by email, you may complete the form online, save it, and attach it and the exam to an email and send it to atc [at]
  3. Specify on the Testing Instructions for Accommodated Exams form how the exam is to be returned (professor pick up, scan to professor, intercampus mail, or delivered to professor within 24 hours of exam completion).
  4. Faculty (or representative) will acknowledge receipt of exam by signing delivery confirmation sheet (if picked up or hand delivered).

Student Accessibility Services' Responsibilities

  1. Provide a quiet space for students registered with SAS to take exams with accommodations.
  2. ATC staff will confirm student's reservation for time and date of exam, and will request exam from professor.
  3. ATC staff will provide instructions to students using ATC regarding check in procedures, and ensure students enter the testing area only with items approved by faculty.
  4. ATC staff will monitor testing time, alert students when testing time is done, collect all papers from student, and place test and papers in envelope. Envelope will be sealed and marked with testing times.
  5. ATC staff cannot answer questions about the exam, but will attempt to reach faculty member, if requested by the student. If faculty member is not available to answer question, student will mark it on the exam, to be discussed with faculty at later time.
  6. ATC staff will deliver tests to faculty offices at end of day (if applicable).