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Accommodated Testing Center

The Accommodated Testing Center (ATC) is a resource available to students who are approved for testing accommodations by Student Accessibility Services. 

Photo of Accommodated Testing Center

Student Process and Agreement

Students may schedule an exam in the ATC once they have met the following criteria:

  • They have registered for services with the SAS office and have been approved for a testing accommodation
  • They have reviewed the policies for using the ATC
    • Accommodated exams should be scheduled on the same day as the class exam
    • Students should make reservations at least 48 business hours (2 working days/not weekends) before the intended exams (and can be done as soon as the syllabus is received)
    • Students should arrive to their exam at least 10 minutes before exam time to check and stow items
    • All personal items must be stored in the ATC lockers – no phones or smart watches are allowed in the testing room
    • Students need to use the facilities prior to beginning their exam
    • Food is not allowed unless a medical reason requires it
  • They have met with their professors to discuss their accommodation and have received their professor’s approval for exam registration (date and time)

Schedule an Exam in the ATC