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Student Accessibility Services

Guided by both the office's mission and federal law, Student Accessibility Services (SAS) is dedicated to guaranteeing that students with disabilities have equal access to all aspects of Trinity's campus by providing them reasonable accommodations. SAS policies and procedures explain to students the process to request specific accommodations and describe how they are implemented.

Mission Statement

Student Accessibility Services (SAS) supports Trinity University’s mission to promote human and intellectual diversity by providing equal access and equal opportunity through fostering an inclusive environment for all students with disabilities within the Trinity community. We strive to ensure all students with disabilities have equal access to University courses, programs, services, activities, and facilities by providing or arranging accommodations, services, training, consultation, and technical assistance. Through collaboration and support of the entire Trinity community, SAS promotes self-understanding and self-advocacy within students with disabilities, disability awareness, and universally accessible design principles so that all people have complete access to the University.

Vision Statement

SAS will strive to be recognized as a progressive leader within higher education by providing students with disabilities with an environment that enriches their educational experience through pluralism, advocacy, and support.


  • Assist students with disabilities in recognizing their disability as one of many important demographic characteristics which will shape their identities and influence how they perceive the world.
  • Promote self-advocacy skills within students with disabilities.
  • Create a diverse, inclusive, and pluralistic campus climate which fosters respect for and appreciation of the inherent worth of all individuals, at all times, and in all ways.