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Living On Campus

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    As we adapt to the realities of COVID-19, changes were made to this Fall semester. Details along with updates related to Residential Life are available on the COVID-19 Updates page. Visit this page for the official, up-to-date details.

Three-Year Residency Requirement

Because being a residential campus is central to the mission of Trinity University, all unmarried undergraduate students are required to live on campus for three years (six fall and spring semesters). Students who study abroad, transfer to Trinity, or those who stop attending the University and then re-enroll may qualify for certain exceptions.

Trinity believes in living on campus because...

  • When a student chooses Trinity University, they choose to be active members of the Trinity University community.
  • Trinity students learn outside of the classroom - to be independent, to develop healthy relationships, to experiment with who they are - all in a safe environment.
  • Trinity students are surrounded by others dealing with similar issues, creating a supportive campus environment.
  • Trinity students enjoy a diverse community, where roommates and others have various viewpoints, goals and styles, preparing them for future relationships in a shrinking world, in careers and in personal relationships.
  • Trinity students learn that they have responsibilities as members of a larger community.
  • Trinity students experience extreme personal growth, face challenges and foster friendships that generate memories that last a lifetime!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the rooms air-conditioned?
All rooms on campus are air-conditioned. Depending on the residence hall, rooms may have their own thermostat or the temperature may be regulated by suite (one thermostat controls both rooms).

Are the floors and halls co-ed?
All buildings are co-ed, usually with adjacent suites alternating between men and women.

Are there places to secure bicycles?
There are bicycle racks located in various locations both in the residential area and near the academic buildings for students to secure their bikes. Students may also store their bikes on their balcony and are encouraged to still lock their bike to avoid possible theft.

How far are the dining locations and classrooms?
Although the campus is built on a large hill, there are ramps to get from one end of campus to the other. Walking is definitely the preferred mode of transportation because parking is tight and the walk is short- no walk on campus should take more than fifteen minutes. All the First Year residence halls are located very close to Mabee Dining Hall.

Is smoking permitted in the residence halls?
Trinity University is a Tobacco-Free Campus as of August 1, 2017. All residence halls are smoke and tobacco free. This includes student rooms, balconies, walkways and public areas. These regulations include the use of electronic cigarettes.

What is the alcohol policy?
Visit the Dean of Student's page on alcohol. No one under the age of 21 may consume alcohol. Those who are 21 and over may have beer and wine in designated rooms. No other alcohol is allowed in the residence halls.

Are microwaves permitted?
Every room is equipped with a Microfridge unit (microwave, freezer, refrigerator). Additional microwaves and refrigerators are not permitted.

Is the meal plan required?
Yes, all residential students are required to carry, at minimum, the light meal plan.

How many seniors live on campus?
About 25% of the senior class.

When students leave for breaks during the academic year, do they need to move out their belongings or turn in their keys?
Students will not be required to move their belongings out or turn in their key for breaks.

Are the rooms carpeted?
All students' rooms are carpeted with the exception of Witt-Winn, Murchison, and North, as well as rooms on the first floor of Calvert and Miller.

Is storage available?
On campus storage is not available, but there are innumerable public storage companies located around campus in San Antonio for all needs and budgets.

Are the rooms networked?
All rooms are equipped for immediate network access. Public lounges also have wireless access to the TUNetwork.

Is cable television available?
Digital cable television is provided in every room. Students are responsible for providing their own television with a QAM 256 digital tuner and a standard 75-ohm coaxial television cable. Check the television manufacturer's website for tuner information. Additional information about Trinity's digital cable system can be found here.

Can I watch and record television online?
Yes, Philo's IPTV service allows students to watch TV on any device, record shows to your personal 20-hour Philo DVR, and view live HD channels and Premium channels. Philo is available to all Trinity students and can be watched from anywhere on campus as long as you are connected to the University network. Philo is not available off campus.

Is there a laundry or linen service?
No service is provided, however each hall has laundry facilities available for students to use. The cost is $1.25 per load for both the washers and dryers on campus.

Are individual student rooms cleaned?
Yes, members of the custodial staff clean student rooms every two weeks. Student bathrooms will be cleaned and the carpet vacuumed if personal belongings are removed from these areas.

Is there a curfew?
Students do not have a curfew.

Which halls have private balconies?
Among the first year halls, only Miller and Witt-Winn have private balconies. All others have public outdoor balconies. In the Sophomore College and upper-class areas, all halls have balconies that are not accessible to the public with the exception of Murchison.

What items are permitted on balconies?

  • All-weather furniture and hammocks
  • Plants
  • Wind chimes, wind socks, sun catchers
  • String lights, in-season holiday decorations
  • Bicycles
  • One small milk crate for short-term use (placed next to wall).

The following items are permitted on private balconies only and are not permitted on walkways:

  • Drying racks
  • Plastic storage containers, such as storage bins (placed next to wall).

The Residential Life staff reserves the right to limit the size and number of containers on a balcony.

Where do students pick up their mail?
All students have mailboxes in the Tigers' Den (Coates Student Center 011 - beneath the Fiesta Room). Packages can be picked up from the Mail Center located in Facilities Services (Prassel garage ground floor). Students must present a valid photo ID (prerferably a TigerCard) to retrieve packages. 

Are newspapers available?
The San Antonio Express News, New York Times, and USA Today are all provided for students through the Collegiate Readership Program which is sponsored by SGA. Copies of these publications can be picked up daily (excluding weekends) in the Coates Student Center or Mabee Dining Hall. The student newspaper, the Trinitonian, is published weekly and can be picked up in the same locations.

Go the Residential Life Policies page for detailed information about rules and regulations in the residence halls.