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COVID-19 Updates

Residence Halls - Spring 2021

City Vista and Main Campus Housing
Students planning to reside on the main campus and City Vista will be welcomed back for move-in as scheduled. However, between Jan. 25 and  Feb. 8, classes and activities will be conducted virtually for both on and off campus students.

Residence Halls - Fall 2020

When are we moving into the dorms? Will we have staggered move-in times?
Yes, move-in times will be staggered. All details related to campus housing move-in will be provided very soon. First Year students will be assigned a day (either Aug. 14 or 15) and time slot for their move-in. 

When will the housing assignments for students who were supposed to study abroad in the Fall but got cancelled be announced?
Housing assignments for these students should already be made, as long as the student submitted a housing application. Students can view their housing assignment and other information by visiting their student housing portal.

If I choose to learn and live remotely this fall how can I make sure that I will have a room for the spring semester?
There are two ways: First, students can fill out this form that informs us of their fall plans. Any first-years who fill that out will not receive a room assignment for the fall. Second, first-year students (not parents) can send us an email (from their Trinity email address, specifically) telling us that they plan to learn remotely for the fall only. We will note that they plan to return in the spring. We have a spreadsheet where we are keeping track of all of this information.

What action do I take to cancel/void all Residential Life contracts and housing and dining fees, if any is needed outside of filling the form in the forwarded email?
All you need to do is fill out the Google form letting Trinity know that you prefer to live off campus. You will not be charged for housing and a meal plan.

Will there still be mixers and other social events when students move in to help new students make friends?
There will be lots of opportunities but they may look different than in previous years.

Will we be able to leave campus for jobs or anything?
Yes, you can work for an off-campus employer, however, we ask that you please follow all health and safety guidelines and take this enhanced responsibility for maintaining campus health extremely seriously.

City Vista FAQs

Is it possible to get out of a City Vista lease at this time with no penalty?
Yes, you can get out of a City Vista license agreement at this time with no penalty. We are taking into consideration the outstanding circumstances of this year, and as a result, are waiving any fees associated with canceling the City Vista contract at this point.

I am currently signed up to live in a City Vista dorm for the fall semester with three of my friends. Due to concern in my health, I am considering taking all my classes online and living remotely. How would this impact the living arrangement for my friends? Would they be assigned a fourth person for the dorm in my place?
If you were to study remotely in the fall, your roommates would not receive a fourth roommate this fall. Please know that come spring, you/your roommates will more than likely have the following options:  A) you may join your friends in that unit and reclaim your original assignment; B) the person you were rooming with will be able to purchase the bedroom as a single bedroom; or C) we will assign someone else into this space to offset the single cost for your roommate. Options B and C are dependent on spring housing needs and virus trends.

Can a student choose (not mandated) to leave City Vista during this fall semester if they don't feel safe and if so, can they get a prorated refund?
City Vista residents will receive a prorated housing reimbursement only if they leave the complex by November 22, 2020 and do not plan on returning for the spring semester

Students not returning to City Vista in the spring must be completely moved out and checked out of their units no later than Sunday, December 20 at 12 noon. Students returning in the spring do not need to completely move out if they choose to leave, but they will not receive the prorated housing reimbursement and they will not have access to their unit or the building until it opens for new residents in the spring.