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Faculty Resources

Student Referrals and Support

The mission of the QRS Center is to provide Trinity students with resources and support for quantitatively-demanding coursework and academic endeavors that involve quantitative reasoning. If you have a student who is struggling with the quantitative demands of a specific course, feel free to refer them to the QRS Center for drop-in tutoring or more extensive one-on-one work with the QRS Center Director.

Class Drop-Ins

One of the best ways to promote students’ decision to reach out for support is to have a brief in-class presentation of support offerings at the beginning of the semester. The Director of the QRS Center (as well as those in Academic Coaching and Student Accessibility Services) can provide an overview of the Center for students so that students match a face with a name and become better aware of the type of support the Center offers.

Course-specific Support and Workshops

Beyond promoting awareness through class drop-ins, the QRS Center can also work with you as part of a course to integrate skills related to quantitative reasoning (broadly construed). From a one-time lecture on a specific skill or topic (e.g., utilizing Gapminder) to a series of sessions on the use of a specific tool (e.g., creating heat maps in Tableau), the QRS Center is here to help. We are also able to discuss matters such as the assessment of quantitative reasoning.

To discuss the QRS Center or its offerings for faculty, feel free to email the Director, Luke Tunstall at stunstal [at], or drop by 308E of the Tiger Learning Commons.