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Red Eye, Conjunctivitis

Symptoms include: 

  • Pain or discomfort 
  • Itchy eyes 
  • Feeling that something is in your eye 
  • Burning of eyes 
  • Small painful lump under or on the edge of eyelid 
  • Eyelid is tender 
  • Eyes won't stop tearing up 
  • Irritation of eyes


Allergies, bacteria, viruses, chemicals or contact lenses can cause it. Infectious pink eye can spread very easily!


  • Seek prompt treatment in Health Services for evaluation by nurse. 
  • Remove and don't wear contact lenses until symptom free for 3 days. Disinfect non-disposable lenses/Replace disposable lenses before wearing again. 
  • Cool or warm compresses to eye, will help relieve pain and discomfort. 
  • Use separate clean cloths for each eye- each time. 
  • Wash all sheets, towels, and washcloths. 
  • Wipe away discharge with tissues and promptly discard. 
  • Don't touch unaffected eye with anything used on affected eye. 
  • Try wearing sunglasses if light sensitive.
  • Don't use eye make-up. Replace present eye make-up.
  • Don't share make-up, towels, washcloths, or eye drops. 
  • Stay out of the pool until symptoms are gone. 

See a healthcare provider immediately if 

  • Eye is painful 
  • You have vision changes
  • Foreign body is suspected

Preventative Measures

  • Frequent hand washing 
  • Avoid people who have an infection 
  • Don't share things that others have used on their eyes 

If you have a red eye, you should see a doctor or nurse at next availability, not an emergency. 

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