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Head Injury Instructions

Watch carefully for the following symptoms. Seek medical care at the nearest emergency room if these symptoms occur. 

  • Loss of consciousness at time of injury or later, for even a short period of time
  • Nausea and persistent vomiting 
  • Confusion as to time, place, or self-identification 
  • Excessive drowsiness 
  • Running clear fluid, blood, or both via nose or ears 
  • Continuous headache 
  • Unusual weakness or inability to move any limb 
  • Blurring, double, hazy or loss of vision 
  • Convulsions or paralysis 
  • Uncontrolled bodily elimination 
  • Any other abnormal symptoms or behavior


  • You do not need to stay awake, however the physician may advise that someone awaken you periodically. 
  • Tylenol may be taken for headache 
  • Do not take Ibuprofen/Aleve/Naproxen
  • Ice pack can be applied to site of injury 

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