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Health Insurance

Trinity University requires all students, undergraduate and graduate, enrolled for nine or more semester hours or enrolled in a full-time graduate program to have current hospitalization and accident insurance.

To comply with the mandatory health insurance requirement all students will be billed for annual coverage of the student health plan in July. If you have other personal health insurance and don’t want the student health plan you must submit an online insurance waiver annually. The waiver is available beginning in July through the end of add/drop, approximately 1 week after classes begin. A completed waiver allows you to decline coverage and have the charge removed. Instructions will accompany your university bill. During the waiver period the waiver will be available online at Academic Health Plans

If the waiver is not completed by the deadline you will be enrolled in the student health plan and the corresponding charge cannot be cancelled.

Students entering or returning from leave in January will be billed for spring and summer coverage.  Waivers may be submitted online before the end of Add/Drop in January.

Please note that treatment at Health Services does not require insurance; services are available to all students regardless of insurance coverage. Health Insurance assures that students can access health care off campus, consult with a specialist and have coverage for emergency treatment and hospitalization.

Students are encouraged to carry their health insurance card at all times.

    Academic Health Plans

Details about the Student Health Insurance Plan with United Healthcare Student Resources are available on-line at Academic HealthPlans, Benefits. The 12 month premium for 2020-2021 is $2,056 payable with tuition for fall. Questions about the University sponsored Student Health Insurance Plan may be directed to Academic HealthPlans, Contacts. 

If you are enrolled in the United Healthcare Student Health Insurance Plan you may obtain a copy of your insurance card and details about claims by creating an online account

The deadline for submitting a waiver to provide proof of personal health insurance and have the charge removed from your university bill is the end of Add/Drop approximately 6 days after classes start. No refund of premium will be made when add/drop is over. Waivers must be submitted through Academic Health Plans, Waiver.

A Word About Managed Care Plans

Students from outside the local area who are covered under managed care plans (e.g., HMOs, POS, and prescription drug plans) should clarify their coverage while in San Antonio. Many such plans restrict coverage to emergencies only when students are out of their home coverage area. Please consult your health plan representative about the nature and limits of coverage for physician fees, hospital costs, laboratory and radiology tests, and prescription plans in San Antonio. Students should be familiar with their coverage so that they can specify particular labs or pharmacies if necessary. The Health Services staff may help identify local resources that meet the requirements of individual managed care plans.