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Career Planning

Career planning is a process through which students evaluate their interests, values, and skills and match them to career-related options. Since it is a process, career planning takes time, forethought, and dedication.

No one will wake up one day and know just what they want to do for the rest of their lives. It is more likely that one will realize over time that there are several career options that fit with interests, values, and skills. Some individuals will narrow this down to one life-long pursuit; others will determine that they won't be able to satisfy all of their career goals in one job so instead will develop a plan for achieving goals through multiple jobs over the course of a lifetime.

Information Gathering

The first task in career planning is information gathering. This requires assessing individual career interests, work values, and skills and gathering information about work environments (occupations or industries) that are a match to what one learns about oneself. This information is also used to make decisions about major selection and whether and where to attend graduate or professional school.

Decision Making

Once someone has enough information, he or she can begin making career planning decisions. The Career Services staff is available to assist students to identify and work through barriers to career decision making, such as misconceptions about careers, industries, or occupations; lack of experience or understanding with decision-making as a process; or other personal issues that may detract from being able to focus on career issues.

Developing the Plan

Individuals who develop career concrete career plans are more likely to reach their career goals sooner than those that "shoot from the hip." Career Services can help to develop a job search or graduate school plan.

Exploring International Careers

As an individual planning to become a global professional there is an abundance of information available to assist you in this process. Regardless as to whether you plan to live and work abroad or simply desire to work in an organization that has international operations, you need to begin the process of preparing yourself for these opportunities now. This career path is competitive and making yourself competitive for such positions can be a rather lengthy process.

Schedule an appointment to meet with a career adviser to discuss how you can begin preparing for your career as a global professional. During your advising session, learn how it will benefit you to do the following:

  • Identify resources for entering the global workplace
  • Recognize common competencies of successful global professionals
  • Market the skills you possess relevant to establishing yourself as a global professional
  • Challenge inaccurate personal perceptions about international career paths
  • Improve your understanding of options for international internships and/or entry-level positions
  • Explore opportunities to develop your network of career contacts on a global level
  • Develop a plan for your international job search

In addition to career planning programs and meeting with a career adviser, there are also online resources available through the Career Services website and print resources available in our Career Resource Area: