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On-Campus Recruitment

Trinity University Career Services has facilities available to accommodate on-campus recruitment schedules free of charge to recruiting organizations. Trinity holds career fairs in the fall and spring semesters, and on-campus interview schedules may be requested through TigerJobs or by contacting the Career Services Office.

Career Fairs

Career Services sponsors several career fairs during the course of the year. These events provide an excellent introduction for your organization to a large number of Trinity students in a short period of time. Career and graduate school fairs are also an excellent way to promote specific jobs or programs being promoted by recruiters. For up-to-date details and registration information access the "Events" section in Hire-A-Tiger.

On Campus Interviews

The following information is required to complete an on-campus interview request:

  • Requested Date:
  • Recruiter(s) Names:
  • Number of interview rooms:
  • 1st interview start time:
  • Last Interview start time:
  • Duration of interviews:
  • Attached job description(s)

On-Campus Recruitment

In addition, Career Services can assist recruiters with several other on-campus activities:

  • Fall and spring career fairs
  • Internship Development
  • Coordination of Information Sessions
  • Coordination of Information Tables
  • Hosting job shadowing opportunities
  • Participation in on-campus career programs (such as professional practice interview days)
  • Sponsoring Career Services Programs
  • Coordination of communication with campus newspaper

Get directions to Trinity's campus and the Coates Student Center.

Information Sessions & Information Tables

Many recruiters are interested in setting up informational sessions as part of their ongoing campus recruitment. Information sessions can be set-up as part of an on-campus recruitment schedule or as a way for recruiters to provide more in-depth information about opportunities. Generally, information sessions are in the Coates Student Center and are set-up by Career Services. 

Career Services may be able to assist organizations to target specific student organizations or may suggest to a faculty member that an organization is available to speak with their class. Approval of requests for  classroom presentations are at the sole discretion of the faculty member.

Employers can also improve on-campus visibility by setting up an information table in the Coates Student Center. During the fall and spring semesters, Career Services can assist employers to set up information tables in the Coates Student Center. Tables are generally available Monday through Thursday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Tables are scheduled per the discretion of the Facilities Manager. Career Services reserves the right to limit the number of tables that an individual employer may host during a given semester.

Request an information session or information table by emailing Career Services at careerservices [at]

Campus Branding

Every year Trinity University students are courted for employment by hundreds of recruiters. With an average graduating class of a little over 500 students the competition for Trinity students is keen. Career Services can assist employers with improving name-recognition and generating positive buzz on campus in a variety of ways.

Advertising in the Campus Newspaper

The Trinity student newspaper, the Trinitonian, has opportunities for advertising job opportunities or promoting upcoming on or off-campus recruitment events. For information and rates email trinitonian-adv [at] or call 210-999-8555.

Connecting with Faculty or Staff

The Career Services Office can assist recruiters with inquiries about opportunities to speak with specific classes or to student organizations. Faculty members and the student organizations have complete discretion as to accepting an offer to speak and for the time and time-allottment of a given presentation. Call or email Career Services for assistance.

Partnering with Career Services

Career Services conducts a number of programs and workshops throughout the year that recruiters may participate in or assist with facilitation. There may also be opportunities for recruiting organizations to co-sponsor events or programs.  Organizations wishing to collaborate with Career Services or participate in a workshop or program should contact Career Services for more information.