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The Registration Process

The Registration Process for the First-Year Student 

  • Advisers and student mentors will accompany their advising groups through registration in the Fall semester of the first year. 
  • The faculty adviser and the student mentor accompany the entire advising group to a pre-assigned room at an assigned time on one of the two days scheduled for registration for the Fall semester. 
  • Student will bring to registration their "Student Schedule Planning Form," a Courses of Study bulletin, and the Fall Class Schedule. 
  • Students will have their selected courses registered at registration terminals. If a class is filled to capacity, the student will consult with his or her faculty adviser and substitute another section of the course or another course. 
  • The printed receipt shows the classes for which a student is registered with meeting times and rooms. 
  • Students with financial aid will proceed to the Financial Aid area to sign aid forms. Students will complete registration by going to the Business Office to clear accounts and receive receipts. 
  • The Trinity University Bookstore will be open for the purchase of textbooks. Each student will need the printed receipt to enter the Bookstore. 

Helpful Terms for First-Year Students to Know 

Course Number: 

Each course is designated by its abbreviated subject and course number (e.g., CSCI 1320). A course number is a four-digit number. Please refer to the Courses of Study bulletin for an explanation of the numbering and a list of abbreviations of subjects. 

Full Time: 

A student typically takes 15 - 18 semester hours, or five or six classes each semester. To be considered a full-time student (important for financial aid, on-campus housing, and intercollegiate athletic participation), one must take at least 12 hours each semester. The minimum requirement for graduation is 124 earned semester hours. To graduate within four years, the student must pass an average of 15 ½  semester hours each semester (more in some majors) and meet course requirements for the degree and major. 


A student may decide during the first few days of the semester to change his or her schedule of courses and to drop a class and add a new one in its place. The dates for the "Add/ Drop" period for the fall semester can be found in the Courses of Study bulletin and in the Class Schedule. The student secures an ADD/DROP form from the Registrar's Office prior to a meeting with his or her adviser to discuss the changes. The faculty adviser's signature is required on the form. The instructor's signature also is required for each course being changed. 


A student may withdraw from a class with a grade of "W" until the beginning (Monday) of the ninth full week of classes of the fall or spring semester. Classes offered for a portion of a semester are exceptions to this rule. Please refer to the Courses of Study bulletin in the section entitled "Enrollment Information" for details. If one must leave school during a semester, he or she must submit a Complete Withdrawal Form to the Registrar. 

If a student stops attending a class or leaves school without permission after the course withdrawal deadline, she or he will receive a failing grade in his/her class(es). In the event of an emergency, a student can ask the Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs to approve a withdrawal after the deadline.