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The pathways curriculum applies to students who entered the university during and after the Fall 2015 semester. 

Trinity University offers undergraduate programs leading to the Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, and Bachelor of Music degrees. The University is fundamentally committed to ensuring that all Trinity undergraduate degrees represent the broad base of general learning with an underlying commitment to responsible participation in human affairs, which is called a liberal education.

The Trinity Curriculum has six Curricular Requirements that provide the foundation in the liberal arts and sciences for all the bachelor’s degrees awarded by Trinity University. Through these requirements, students acquire the necessary skills and disciplinary perspectives to navigate complex questions at Trinity and in their post-graduate lives. The requirements that must be completed in order to receive the bachelor’s degree are as follows:

  1. The First Year Experience (FYE)
  2. Approaches to Creation and Analysis
  3. The Core Capacities
  4. The Interdisciplinary Cluster
  5. The Major
  6. Fitness Education

Three optional Curricular Elements can further enrich a Trinity education:

  1. Experiential Learning
  2. Minors
  3. A Second Major

Students are especially encouraged to include Element 7, Experiential Learning, in their curricula.

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