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Academic Coaching

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    As we adapt to the realities of COVID-19, changes were made to this Fall semester. Details along with updates related to Academic Coaching are available on the COVID-19 Updates page. Visit this page for the official, up-to-date details.

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What is academic coaching?                                                                                                             

Have you ever studied for hours and still felt like you didn’t know the material? Have you ever expected to get a good grade on a mid-term and been disappointed?

Do you ever wonder where all your time goes? Academic Coaching is a personalized, one-on-one meeting with a trained Academic Coach who can help you improve your skills and performance. Working with an Academic Coach can help you study smarter by developing skills in time management, goal setting, and test preparation.

Remember, Academic Success coaches are not academic advisers. Conversations with your adviser will focus on planning curriculum and meeting requirements, whereas Academic Coaching allows space for everything in between, like learning strategies, life management skills, and earning strong grades. A meeting with one of our Academic Coaches is one of the best ways to personalize your education and get on track academically.

Academic coaching is available for Trinity students who wish to improve their scholastic performance. Coaching sessions are tailored to meet individual needs and goals. Meeting with a coach on a regular basis is effective in monitoring and encouraging academic progress and success.

Before meeting with us, give some thought to what roadblocks you may be facing, your primary concerns, and what you hope to accomplish during your coaching session. Be an active participant in the session. It may be helpful to bring your calendar and class materials such as textbooks, notes, or your syllabus with you to the session.

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