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Tiger Academic Support and Know-how

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The mission of Academic Support Services is to provide quality academic programs and services to enhance student learning, academic success, and personal development through one-on-one academic coaching, study skills workshops, and ongoing support. The major objective is to EMPOWER students to become creative, independent learners and problem solvers capable of processing and handling volumes of information.

100% of students who utilized services would recommend a fellow student to use T.A.S.K.

Services are student-responsive and programs are purposefully student-centric and intentionally designed to foster interactions that promote learning strategies, cognitive skills, and attitudes towards academic life that are characteristic of successful college students. Academic Support considers student success to mean that those who enroll in the university remain enrolled, persist through a program of study, and graduate with a degree.

Success is also achieved if students acquire competitive grades; if they engage in a broad range of intellectual endeavors, practical skills development, critical inquiry, self-efficacy and self-directed learning; are exposed to viewpoints different from their own; and if they learn to appreciate and respect the varying perspectives characteristic of a private liberal arts institution.

Academic Support Services staff members are engaged in helping students assess (e.g., Learning and Study Strategies Inventory, Learning Styles Inventory, etc.) their academic strengths and weaknesses; hone their academic skills through teaching effective information processing, test-taking and related techniques; better manage their time and set effective priorities; and overall develop and utilize effective study strategies that build a sense of self-efficacy, thereby maximizing their college experience.

The staff is committed to helping Trinity students take charge of their success. The academic success of students is our passion!!

89% of students felt more confident managing their time.The Academic Support office, located in Coates Library in the Collaborative for Learning and Teaching, provides Trinity students with skills and resources to help them study smarter not harder.  You will have an opportunity to discover your learning styles, develop personal time management techniques, and learn broad efficient strategies for note taking, studying, and reading. You can opt for individual academic coaching or one of the small group workshops offered each semester.