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Workshops and Presentations

The Academic Support Services programs offers all students instruction on strategies to enhance academic performance.  Students can attend workshops on a variety of topics related to academic success throughout the semester. View our list of workshops. 

"As a first-generation, underrepresented college student, there came along obstacles attached with the common rigors of college. I struggled through my first year at Trinity, but it paled in comparison with the difficulty of this semester with three demanding courses: Calculus II, Physics, and General Chemistry.  I met Stacy Davidson who taught me how to read into the text and effectively plan my time, create distinctions between my classes, and most importantly, how to remain optimistic despite the obstacles. After every session, I felt focused and empowered to determine my success. "
-Janett Munoz '18

Topics covered in these workshops include:

  • Time management
  • Study strategies
  • Note taking
  • Reading comprehension
  • Memory
  • Test taking and test anxiety