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Math Bridge

The Summer Bridge Math Program is a unique opportunity designed to prepare you for college math and science and to facilitate your transition to Trinity.

Eligible students are those who have expressed interest in STEM degree programs reliant on quantitative reasoning skills (including the sciences, engineering, math, and health professions) and whose math background and/or test scores suggest that they may be at risk to struggle in these programs. Through an online summer experience called QBIT (Quantitative Buildup for Incoming Tigers), as well as a two-week session before New Student Orientation, students will experience an exciting and intensive introduction to success in quantitative reasoning courses and college life in general.

The in-person experience also includes several workshops and seminars during the two weeks before New Student Orientation. These sessions will focus on making a successful transition to college and understanding what is expected of you as a member of the academic community. You will learn strategies for success from Trinity including faculty, students and support staff. Activities and topics will include a campus resource scavenger hunt, getting your Tiger Card student ID, effective time management, and more.

Goals Across Summer Bridge Math

  • To build numerical intuition and comfort with computation.
  • To review the math skills that are used most often in STEM and other quantitative reasoning classes and that will serve as the foundation for an introduction to calculus.
  • To help you start thinking like a scientist; this means attacking a problem in a rigorous, analytical manner, while also becoming more comfortable with brainstorming all possible solutions and relevant factors.
  • To provide Summer Bridge Program sessions designed to assist in the transition to college life: time management, study strategies, community service and more.


Please contact Luke Tunstall, Ph.D. stunstal [at]