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Schedule & Seminars

In addition to FYE class time, Summer Bridge includes sessions to facilitate transition to college:

  • Time Management
  • Library Resources
  • Pathways Curriculum
  • Diversity/Inclusion/Community
  • Campus Resources Scavenger Hunt
  • Community Service
  • Getting Tiger Card Student IDs
  • Mindfulness
  • Wellness

About A Successful Life FYE

The Pathways curriculum at Trinity University requires all incoming students to take the First-Year Experience (FYE), a six-credit interdisciplinary course that serves as an introduction to college-level reading, writing, and critical thinking. Summer Bridge FYE students are in the "A Success Life" topic/themed sections of FYE.

A Successful Life Course Description: Everyone sets out to succeed, but what that means can be tricky business.  In some ways, the successes of your daily lives are measured quickly–you receive an A on a test, cash a paycheck for hard work, or put a smile on the face of a loved one.  But how are we to measure deep, long-term success? Stars of social media with tens of thousands of followers and corporate CEOs who have jet planes and mansions might be considered successful.  But are they? How about the immigrant who lands on foreign shores to learn a new language, adopt a new culture, and raise a loving family all the while being undocumented? We begin the semester examining the surprising ways important figures have sought to define success, from Ben Franklin to the 20th-Century champions of capitalism to some members of the millennial generation. We then study contemporary examples of struggles to achieve artistic and scientific success.  The semester will culminate in your individual creative exploration of how you might finish your first year at Trinity with success, how you might extend that success along the road to graduation, and, most importantly, how you can forge the path to an ultimately successful life. 

Because this unique FYE option begins two weeks before New Student Orientation (NSO) and is completed before Thanksgiving, Bridge students get an early start in their studies and a reduced load as they finish their other classes at the end of the semester.  Students will learn more about the content of the FYE course from the syllabus provided by professors when the class begins.