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Please note that we are aware of potential concerns about the viability of meeting in person in August due to COVID-19, and so we have various contingency plans in development in the event that we are unable to actually engage in an in-person Summer Bridge FYE experience. We will keep you up to date if plans need to be modified.

Frequently Asked Questions: Summer Bridge FYE

When does it start? Where will I stay?

Summer Bridge FYE move-in will be Sunday, August 9, 2020. You will move into the room that will be your permanent space for the academic year so you need to bring all of your personal belongings. Details about your room assignment will be sent to you by Residence Life by July 15. 

What is the cost?

There is no charge for Summer Bridge FYE and this includes room and board. 

Who is on campus during Bridge?  

More than 120 first-year students will be here to participate in several different programs during Summer Bridge. University regulations related to campus living which will be presented to students at a Residence Life session on the day you move in. 

What about meals?

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are provided every day during Bridge. 

Are parents and siblings encouraged to come that day and how long should they stay?

Your family members are most welcome on Move-in Day! There will be Family Welcome Sessions and a shared meal on Sunday, August 9. Students will begin the college transition portion of Summer Bridge at 9:00 am Monday, August 10 so families will say their goodbyes on Sunday night.

Should my parents come back for New-Student Orientation on August 21 and 22?

It’s great if your parents can return to Trinity for the full orientation on these two dates. If not, we plan to address key facts with them during the Parent Info Session on August 9.

What’s the difference between Summer Bridge FYE and other FYEs?

What does choosing First Year Experience (FYE): A Successful Life mean for me?
All first year students at Trinity take an FYE course which is the equivalent to two courses and meets five days per week. There are many topics to choose from and students are assigned according to a survey sent in the summer. A Successful Life is one of the options and is only available to those who accept our invitation to come early for Summer Bridge FYE. This means you would be assigned to the A Successful Life FYE instead of any of the FYE choices. The other big difference is that, because it starts before the semester, it ends early so that you would have a lighter load at the end of the fall semester.

Is Summer Bridge FYE easy? Hard? Worth it?

It is easy in that it helps students acclimate to campus early with an extra warm welcome. It is challenging because it includes the beginning of a rigorous Trinity course that is writing-intensive but with plenty of support. Your days will be full and there will be writing assignments. Previous bridge students have said they were surprised by the level of challenge but grateful for their caring professors for how it prepared them for the semester. Bridge also includes workshops and activities designed to help you succeed. So, Summer bridge is a balance of all of the above. You will be glad you said “yes.” 

What if I’m the only one who feels nervous, awkward, different, etc.?

Trust us, you are NOT the only one. Most students feel these things. Summer Bridge is designed to help you see how you really do belong here. 

What if I have more questions?

We hope you do and that you will let us know. Contact Betty Curry at bcurry [at]