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Summer Bridge Program

The Summer Bridge Program is a unique opportunity designed to welcome those from underrepresented populations, first generation, and Pell Grant-eligible students and to introduce the resources available to make a difference in the transition to being a student at Trinity.

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The purpose of Trinity’s Summer Bridge Program is to provide an early introduction to the available resources that will help new students in the transition to Trinity, both academically and socially. Studies show a strong connection between the development of peer group connections early in a student’s college career with academic success and persistence to graduation. The Summer Bridge Program is designed specifically to welcome those from underrepresented populations, first generation, and Pell Grant-eligible students and to introduce the resources available to make a difference in your transition to being a student at Trinity. By learning about the expectations and opportunities of college life — both academic and social — with others from similar backgrounds and experiences, you will lay a strong foundation for success and plant roots that will help you thrive.  

Summer Bridge includes:

  • Transition to College
  • Strengths Assessments
  • Goal-setting
  • Time Management
  • Library Resources
  • Pathways Curriculum
  • Working with Professors
  • Diversity/Inclusion/Community
  • Campus Resources Scavenger Hunt
  • Community Service
  • Getting Tiger Card Student IDs

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About A Successful Life FYE

First Year Experience (FYE) is a six-credit interdisciplinary course required of all entering Trinity students and serves as an introduction to college-level reading, writing and critical thinking. The Summer Bridge Program is offered in morning sessions during the first ten days of A Successful Life FYE course. This unique FYE option begins two weeks before New Student Orientation (NSO) and is completed before Thanksgiving, giving students an early start in their studies and a reduced load as they finish their other classes after Thanksgiving. Students will learn more about the content of the FYE course from the syllabus provided by professors when the class begins.  

2017 Summer Bridge FYE

Welcome! Sunday, August 6, 2017

1:00-4:00 pm Check in, move in Witt Center
4:00 pm Parent Info Session Northrup 040
5:30 pm Family Dinner & Welcome Fiesta Room*, CUC**
8:00 pm Student Res. Hall Meeting TBD

*Changed from Skyline Room, **CUC - Coates University Center 

Getting Started - Monday, August 7

8:00 am Breakfast Mabee Dining Hall
9:00 am Summer Bridge begins Fiesta Room, CUC
1:00 pm FYE Class begins TBD

Sample Daily Schedule—Summer Bridge + FYE, August 7-17

Weekdays, students will spend mornings in Summer Bridge programming and afternoons in FYE Class Sessions. 

8:00 am Breakfast
9:00 am - noon Session/Activity: College Transition
12:00 noon Lunch
1:00-4:00 pm A Successful Life FYE Class
Evenings Dinner, homework, free time

Summer Bridge, Aug 7-17; Successful Life FYE, Aug 7-Nov 13; NSO, Aug 18-22; Fall Semester, Aug 23-Dec 14


When should I plan to arrive and where do I go?

Check in to your residence hall room on Sunday, August 6th between 1:00 and 4:00 pm at Witt Center. (See the campus map on the back.)  You will check into the room that will be your permanent space for the academic year, so you are encouraged to bring all of your personal belongings.

Will others be living with us on campus, since we arrive early, and where can I get food?  

A Resident Assistant will live near you in your assigned area. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are provided in Mabee Dining Hall. While you are living in the residence halls, you are expected to abide by all University regulations related to campus living.  

Are parents and siblings encouraged to come that day and how long should they stay?

Your family members are most welcomed! We will have a shared meal on Sunday evening in the Fiesta Room and they may attend (check our previous email for RSVP instructions). Dinner will be over around 8:00 pm. After dinner, you will return to the residence halls for an orientation to key policies for students only. Your Summer Bridge FYE class will begin bright and early Monday morning.

Should my parents come back for New-Student Orientation on August 18 and 19?

If you live close, it’s great if your parents can return to Trinity for the large-group orientation on these two dates. If not, we plan to address key facts with them during the Parent Info Session at 4:00pm on August 6.

What information will my parents receive while they are on campus?

Parents will attend a meeting with the faculty and staff who are leading the FYE Bridge Program at 4:00pm in Northrup Hall 040.  

While you continue to move in, parents will have an opportunity to talk with faculty and staff and learn more about program expectations. Following the one hour program, you will meet your parents in the Fiesta Room in Coates University Center for dinner at 5:30 pm.

When does the academic program begin and how should I prepare?

Beginning Monday, August 7 you will have a full day of activities from 9:00am – 5:00 pm. The first half of the day (Summer Bridge Program) will be focused on making a successful transition to college and understanding what is expected of you as a member of the academic community. The second half of the day, FYE, we will get started with reading discussion. You will have reading and homework assignments daily.  Even though your scheduled day ends at 5:00 pm, expect to have reading and assignments that must be completed for the next day.

It is your responsibility to have read Outliers before you arrive (along with Evicted, the Reading TUgether book). Please see the enclosed Reading Guide for more information.

FYE Peer tutors who are upper-class Trinity students are assigned to your course and are available to assist you in both the reading and writing portions of the course. You will be required to work on assignments during the weekend.  Peer tutors will work with you on these assignments.

What should I bring to the first day of class?

You will need a notebook, three ring binder, pen or pencil, and Outliers. You will receive a course syllabus outlining course expectations and assignments on the first day.  It is your responsibility to read and understand the syllabus and ask your faculty member if you have questions.

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Key Faculty & Staff





Wendy Apfel

Instructional Support Manager

7346 wapfel

Stacy Davidson

Director, Academic Support

8247 sdavidso

Anne Graf

FYE Professor, Librarian

8168 ajumonvi

Greg Hazleton

FYE Professor

8282 ghazleto

John Hermann

FYE Professor

8343 jhermann

Jennifer Rowe

FYE Professor

Director, Writing Center

7571 jrowe

Sheryl Tynes

Vice Pres. for Student Life

8203 stynes

Questions? Please feel free to contact anyone on the list above.