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Summer Bridge Program

Summer Bridge Programs 2019

Academic Success Program (ASP) August 4-12, 2019

First-year football students arrive ten days before the beginning of Football Camp to prepare for the their first semester at Trinity. With other Summer Bridge students, they will participate in workshops and classes to introduce them to college life and learning.  Details about Move-In Day (August 4) and the plans for ASP are sent by email to football students and their families in June. Questions? Contact Betty Curry - bcurry [at]


Summer Bridge FYE August 4-14, 2019

The Summer Bridge First Year Experience (FYE) is a unique opportunity to facilitate the transition to Trinity and introduce new Tigers to college-level academic coursework. Designed specifically to welcome those from underrepresented populations, first-generation and/or Pell Grant-eligible students, the program provides an early introduction to the available resources that will help new students in the transition to Trinity, both academically and socially.


Summer Bridge Math, August 4-15, 2019

Intensive Math Instruction + Summer Bridge Sessions

The Summer Bridge Math Program is a unique opportunity designed to get you ready for college math and science and to facilitate your transition to Trinity. Eligible students (invitations have been sent by email) are those who have expressed interest in degree programs reliant on quantitative reasoning skills (including the sciences, engineering, math, health professions, accounting, and economics) and whose math background and/or test scores suggest that they may be at risk to struggle in these programs. During this two-week session before New Student Orientation, you will experience an excellent and intensive introduction to success in quantitative reasoning courses and college life in general.