Other Policies

Tobacco-Free Trinity Policy

As of August 1, 2017, the use of any tobacco product will be prohibited on university property. This policy applies to all indoor areas including residence halls and administrative buildings, outdoor areas including playing fields, parking lots, streets and sidewalks, walking trails, vehicles and construction sites. More information can be found on the Tobacco-Free Trinity page.



I. E-Mail

Trinity University supplies every student and employee with an e-mail address. Students, faculty, and all employees of the University are expected to monitor their e-mail on a regular basis. E-mail is an official means of communication and will be utilized to conduct business and to supply information to students, staff, and faculty.

II. Correspondence

Trinity University regularly mails official information to students. All students residing on campus are assigned a campus mailbox. The campus mailbox is considered the local address of record for all on-campus students. All students who live off campus are required to keep the University informed of their current local mailing address. This is done by notifying the Registrar, in writing, of the current local address and any changes to that address. Changes to the home (permanent) mailing address must also be reported to the Office of the Registrar. Students are responsible for information mailed to them at their campus boxes, local addresses, and home addresses.

Financial Obligations

I. Authorization

All students are encouraged to authorize appropriate others (parents, etc.) to view and/or pay Trinity student account statements electronically. (See Student Accounts pages at University website.)

II. Outstanding Balances

Any student who has a financial obligation to the University, including that from damage to University property, traffic fines, Health Services charges, or library fines, is subject to being excluded from any or all of the usual privileges of the University, and the student’s permanent record (transcripts) will not be released until the financial obligation is paid in full. In addition, the University will hold permanent records and/or transcripts for any student who has a delinquent Federal Perkins or institutional (Walton, etc.) loan balance or who has not completed the required loan exit session upon separation from the University.

Posting and Promotions on Campus

The policy can be found under the Finance & Administration Policies and Procedures website.

Living on Campus

For residential students, the Board and Residential Agreement is a contract defining the legal obligations of both "tenant" and "innkeeper."