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Student Development Assessment Team


To facilitate effective and coordinated assessment across the Student Development partner areas with an emphasis on the assessment of Council for the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education (CAS) Learning & Development Outcomes for programs and services.


  • Guide Student Affairs colleagues in developing their skills for assessment and its documentation.
  • Orient new SDAT members to the assessment culture of the division.
  • Provide opportunities for the development of assessment knowledge and competencies among all members of the division.
  • Provide one-on-one consultations to colleagues regarding their assessment work.
  • Develop our assessment knowledge and competencies to better assist our colleagues.
  • Provide guides and templates for assessment planning and documentation.
  • Coordinate an annual assessment calendar to ensure optimal pacing, especially of large-scale assessments, in order to minimize "assessment fatigue".
  • Write supplemental items for major University assessments (e.g., Freshman Survey, Senior Survey) with an emphasis on the CAS Learning & Development Outcomes.
  • Track the inclusion and assessment of the CAS Learning & Development Outcomes across programs.


Jackie Bevilacqua, coordinator of Health Services

Rachel Boaz, Director for residential education  Residential Life

Deborah Tyson, Director of Residential Life, Residential Life

Christina Castillo, Coordinator for Student Conduct and Special Projects, Dean of Students office

Gary Neal, Director of Counseling & Health Services

Katie Ramirez, assistant director of coaching & advising, Career Services

Richard Reams, associate director of Counseling Services 

Jamie Thompson (Chair), director for Student Involvement


In the spring of 2008, VPSA Felicia Lee selected three members of the division as the Core Team of the nascent DAT. The Core Team--Becky Spurlock (first DAT Chair), Richard Reams, and Katie Storey--attended NASPA's International Assessment & Retention Conference during June and began planning the work of the DAT, which began in August of 2008.

Annual Reports



Documentation Resources

Assessment Plan template
Assessment Plan template (with examples)
Assessment Summary template
Assessment Summary template (with examples)
CAS Learning & Development Outcomes

Trinity Guides

Assessment Flow Chart
Does My Assessment Need IRB Review?
Socioeconomic Status ModelStandardized Demographics Questions

General Overviews

Assessment in Student Affairs
Introduction to Focus Groups
Rubrics in Student AffairsWriting Learning Outcomes