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Values-based Policies

In order to create a University environment in which civility, decency, and respect are honored, Trinity University has set the following standards of behavior.

Respect for Self

Students are expected to respect themselves by avoiding conduct that is potentially dangerous and detrimental to their physical, psychological, or emotional well-being.

View Respect for Self Policy

Respect for Others

Students are expected to respect others, including those in the campus and outside community.

View Respect for Others Policy

Respect for Community

Students are expected to respect the standards that form the foundation of a civil community through personal integrity.

View Respect for Community Policy

Respect for Property

Students are expected to respect the property of others, including University and student property.

View Respect for Property Policy

Personal Responsibility

Students are expected to be responsible for their own behavior and assume responsibility for the behavior of guests, if those guests are otherwise unconnected to the University or are unidentified.

View Personal Responsibility Policy

Major Policies
A list of all major policies, generally prohibited by law, including Alcohol, Anti-Harassment, Drugs, Hazing, Sexual Misconduct, and Weapons may be found here.