Sexual Misconduct

Trinity University policy, procedures, and information on sexual harassment, sexual assault, sexual exploitation, dating violence, domestic violence, and stalking.

Ways to Report

Download the full Sexual Misconduct Policy (PDF)

Trinity University's Title IX Coordinator

Trinity University's Title IX Coordinator oversees matters related to sexual harassment and assault.
Contact Information:

Pamela Johnston
Assistant Vice President for Human Resources
Northrup Hall 210

Trinity University Title IX Deputy Coordinator

David M. Tuttle
Associate Vice President and Dean of Students
CUC 222B

Facilitators for Initial Reviews

David M. Tuttle
Associate Vice President and Dean of Students
CUC 222B

Melissa Flowers
Director of Residential Life
Witt Center 200E

For Immediate Assistance

Go to a safe location, and if injured, seek immediate medical attention. If you are sexually assaulted, you may seek assistance by contacting any of the following: University Police (210-999-7000), Counseling Services (210-999-7411), the Dean of Students (210-999-8844), Health Services (210-999-8111), Residential Life (210-999-7219), and the Rape Crisis Center (210-349-7273). Note that Trinity University Police can contact on-call staff (Counseling, Residential Life, Dean of Students) when offices are closed.

If you are off campus and in an emergency situation, call the San Antonio Police Department (911). You may also report the assault directly to the San Antonio Police Department (for non- emergency calls: 210-207-7273, for off-campus emergencies: 911) or with the assistance of Trinity's University Police staff.

A Note about Preserving Evidence

Evidence of a sexual assault and the attacker's identity may be left on the victim's body. Therefore, it is recommended that a victim of sexual assault not wash in any way until after an examination at the Methodist Specialty and Transplant Hospital Emergency Room at 8026 Floyd Curl Drive, San Antonio, Texas (210-575-8168), which is the only hospital with staff trained and equipped to deal with sexual assaults (24/7). Victims of sexual assault should go in for the exam as quickly as possible because the evidence deteriorates quickly and may be important in supporting the assault allegation in criminal proceedings. The hospital staff at Methodist Specialty and Transplant Hospital is trained to collect forensic evidence, check for injuries and deal with the possibility of exposure to sexually transmitted diseases. A sexual assault nurse examiner (SANE) is a hospital staff member who handles sexual assault and is specifically trained to: provide comprehensive care to sexual assault survivors; demonstrate competence in conducting a forensic examination; have the ability to testify as an expert witness; and show compassion and sensitivity to survivors of sexual assault.

Anyone who may have ingested an unknown substance (such as a “date rape” drug) should immediately be screened as these substances may quickly leave the blood system.