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Hearing Forums

The Dean of Students or the Coordinator for Student Conduct and Special Projects will review each case, consider corresponding policy violations, and assign the case to the appropriate hearing forum or University official for review. The review may include a review of documents, interviews of potential witnesses and other parties, and collection of other evidence. The case may be referred to a designated staff member for an administrative meeting, to the Student Conduct Panel, or to the Dean of Students.

Administrative Meeting

A designated staff member will meet with the responding/petitioning parties on an individual basis. The designated staff member has the authority to determine responsibility and choose from among a full range of sanctions.

Student Conduct Panel

Each Student Conduct Panel will be composed of four students (selected from a larger pool of trained panelists) and one staff member from the Dean of Students office or an appropriate designee. Panels will be conducted in a round-table/discussion format. The Student Conduct Panel will determine responsibility and sanctions.

The Student Conduct Panelists will consist of students who have been interviewed by the Dean of Students office and approved by the Student Government Association and recommended by the president of the University.

The term of service for student members will be one academic year. The office of the Dean of Students can remove members of the Student Conduct Panel for any infractions of the University policy. 

The Student Conduct Panel will have authority to determine responsibility based upon the results of investigations and/or hearings and to impose appropriate sanctions. The decisions of the Student Conduct Panel will generally be determined by consensus or will require a majority of three votes. Sanctions of suspension or above will be referred to the Dean of Students for final review.

Dean of Students Meeting

The Dean of Students will hear cases at the discretion and direction of the Vice President for Student Life. The procedure and the nature of the proceeding is at the discretion of the Dean of Students.

Last reviewed:  August 2016