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The Dog Jurgens

The Trinity University Campus Publications partnered with the Dean of Students to bring a puppy to campus. After several semesters of hosting dog petting programs for final exam stress-relievers, students and staff decided to make it a year-round venture.

Because of the popularity of the de-stress dog petting programs, having a puppy here all the time helps students who miss their own pets, who love the interaction with these special animals, and who simply want to relax.  Plus, it is an excellent way to serve our nation.  Many of the dogs that had been brought here in December and May were from the Transportation Security Administration's Canine Breeding and Development Center. So, a foster puppy from the TSA will be spending ten months here, from December 2011 until October 2012. 

Students can walk the puppy on campus to prepare her for duties as a bomb-sniffing dog. The dog, Jurgens, will be a regular guest in the Coates University Center west wing basement in Campus Publications. At night and on weekends Jurgens will reside with the Tuttle family in the Dean of Students' campus residence.

The puppies in the program are named alphabetically for the victims of 911.  Jurgens is named for hero Paul Jurgens from the New York City area. The image above is from the World Trade Center Memorial in New York City.

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