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Trinity University promotes a coordinated and comprehensive alcohol education program, that is rooted in the harm-reduction model with an emphasis on health, safety, education, responsible decision-making, respectful actions, and personal accountability.

To fulfill this mission, Trinity University promotes the following principles:

Trinity University cares deeply about the health and safety of students; acknowledges that students will drink, but discourages irresponsible drinking; and enforces policies related to alcohol possession, and consumption. Trinity University's policies and practices were formed in accordance with state law and for the protection of the health and safety of students.

When a student contacts University officials or other helping professionals out of concern for another student's health and safety none of the students present (including the intoxicated student) will be considered for alcohol policy violations for that specific incident.

Trinity University values the freedom of those who live and work here to make their own choices, and it values the education that equips them to exercise that freedom responsibly. Choices regarding alcohol, in particular, are a matter of individual and community interest because poor decisions can negatively impact personal health and the public environment. Trinity respects the choices of those who consume alcohol within reasonable and legal bounds and those who avoid it altogether. However, because the consumption of alcohol can impair an individual’s judgment and lead to devastating damage and loss, this policy aims to limit those negative consequences in order to sustain a positive, livable, learning environment on campus. In order to sustain that environment, students remain accountable to all University policies even when drinking; intoxication does not serve as an excuse for violating any policies. 


Trinity University's alcohol and drug policies, like other standards of conduct applicable to students in the University community, are intended to further the educational mission of the University. Learn more about the Alcohol and Drug sanction guidelines. Trinity University also believes in an educational approach to off-campus parties, please read about the Safer Parties Initiative.  

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Last reviewed:  July 2019