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Tuition Adjustments

Tuition is refunded as follows in accordance with when the withdrawal occurs:

Through the last day of Add/Drop 100% 
Beginning the day after Add/Drop and for the next eight days 50% 
Beginning on the ninth day after Add/Drop 0% 

Note:  Adjustments to institutional and state aid are consistent with tuition adjustments.  Federal student aid is adjusted in accordance with federally mandated refund calculation.  Please speak with a Financial Aid counselor if you need specific details about financial aid adjustments due to withdrawal.

Fee Refunds

No refunds are given for room charges. The activity fee is 100% refundable through the end of add/drop and non-refundable after add/drop. Meal plans are refundable at the rate of 35% of the unspent balance. Course fees for specific courses (e.g., Music, Geosciences, Trap and Skeet, etc.) are refundable if the course is dropped within the specified add/drop period for the semester, which is generally seven days for the fall and spring semesters.

Deposit Refunds

Deposits for first-year students are non-refundable. For returning students, room deposits are non-refundable except in the most severe extenuating circumstances (such as studying abroad or being placed on academic suspension). Room deposits, less any damage or other fees, are refundable all or in part only when the student moves off campus, graduates or will not return to Trinity as an enrolled student.