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Determining Eligibility

The FAFSA and CSS Profile take several factors into account, including adjusted gross income, federal and state taxes paid, assets and holdings, the size of the family, and the number of siblings enrolled in college. Aid applications provide an Expected Family Contribution (EFC), or the amount of money you are expected to supply for your educational costs. Actual out-of-pocket expenses can vary and may be greater or less than your EFC. The formula for determining financial need is simple:

  Trinity's Cost of Attendance (COA

- Expected Family Contribution (EFC)

= Demonstrated Financial Need

Your financial aid award letter will list each individual award for which you qualify. We assume that you will accept any grants or scholarships offered to you but you will need to take additional steps during the summer months to secure loan resources you have been offered. Be aware that the amount listed for any loan program is the maximum amount you are eligible to borrow for the year. You have the right to borrow less than the amount offered if you so choose.

Students must make Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) to maintain eligibility for financial aid. In trying to project your eligibility for financial aid in future years, keep in mind that changes in your family's financial situation will affect the total of your financial aid award. If your family's financial circumstances improve, you should expect that your need-based aid will likely decrease; similarly, if finances take a downturn it will generally lead to a greater total of financial aid being awarded.

Continuing students are notified of financial aid offers for the upcoming academic year in June, after all spring grades are posted, and once your FAFSA and any requested verification documents have been submitted.

IMPORTANT: Students attending more than one college during the same term can only receive financial aid from one institution. You must notify our office if this applies to you.