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LeeRoy Daily News

LeeRoy includes events and announcements expressly for the Trinity community. These include student meetings, public lectures, and music performances; LeeRoy also features announcements such as birthday greetings.

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On Tuesdays, LeeRoy includes a section titled Faculty, Staff, Student Spotlight. The section invites you to announce the publication of books and papers, important presentations, as well as other honors and awards.

Submissions must come from:

  • A University department, office, or program;
  • A recognized University organization
  • Faculty or staff member
  • A registered Trinity student

The newsletter does not accept submissions from outside organizations or any advertisements.

All items should be sent at least two weeks before the start of your event. Photos or graphics you would like to include in your submission can be e-mailed to Monica at Please be aware that pictures should be 300 x 300 pixels in size.

Please try to limit submissions to 300 characters. Exceptions will be made if space allows. Only one announcement per event per day will be published. The editors reserve the right to edit all submissions for brevity. The editors also reserve the right to omit submissions deemed inappropriate for LeeRoy (e.g. items with obscene or offensive language).

Hand written announcements will not be accepted. We do not accept brochures or PDFs as submissions.

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All submissions must be received at least ten business days prior to the start of the event in LeeRoy.

Please email any photos to Monica at

How to Get in LeeRoy

All Submissions must come from an authorized Trinity University department, office, program, organization, faculty/staff member, authorized third-party vendor or partner (Aramark, Barnes and Noble), Trinity-affiliated nonprofit (KRTU, TU Press), or registered Trinity University student. Submissions are due at least 10 business days before the start of their run date.

Please try to limit announcements to 300 characters. Exceptions will be made only if space allows. Only one announcement per event per day will be run.

Personal messages are limited to lost and found, thank you, birthday, congratulations, and well-wishing messages.

We reserve the right to omit any messages that we believe to be inappropriate for LeeRoy. LeeRoy will not publish announcements containing any of the following: mention of alcoholic beverages, obscene or offensive language, political fundraisers, commercial advertisements, or gambling. Political meetings, i.e., meet the candidate, etc. are allowed in LeeRoy. To be published, the submission must include the statement: “Trinity University does not support or oppose candidates for political office. The opinions expressed in this announcement are not those of Trinity University.”

The Spotlight section covers published papers, presentations, awards etc. by faculty, staff, and students and is published every Tuesday. These announcements will be published only after the event has occurred.