Trinity University centralizes the access to legal through one department. All contact with attorneys for Trinity University business is handled through Risk Management and Insurance. 

What do I need to contact legal? 

  • Contact Jennifer Adamo for consultation at jgilmore [at] or extension 7486 
  • Risk Management will review and research as necessary 
  • If it is determined to contact legal counsel, Risk Management will be the first point of contact with the attorney/firm 
  • Once established, the department may be authorized to interact directly with legal counsel 

How are legal costs handled? 

Invoices are received and reviewed by Risk Management and Insurance. If approved, the invoice will be paid from the Legal Account. Depending upon the circumstances, the S&E account of a department can be charged for legal fees if it is determined that the legal fees were incurred as a result of the department's negligence in regard to University procedures. 

Please be sure to inform your Vice President, Chair, Director of Supervisor. 

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