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Business Continuity Plans

How will your department resume operations after an emergency or crisis event? 

Each Trinity University department is responsible for creating and maintaining a Business Continuity Plan (BCP).  A BCP is a set of documents, instructions, and procedures that enable a business to respond to accidents, disasters, emergencies and/or threats with minimal or no interruption to business operations.  

To Create a Business Continuity Plan or Update an Existing BCP :

  •  Login to using your regular user id and password.
  • Create your Department Plan using the red "Create Plan" button. 
  • Populate all screens relevant to your Department. Refer to the Guidance column on the right for helpful information.
  • As you complete the pages that will become your BCP, consider creating a list of any disasters that would impact your department. More details should be included in your BCP for use with recovering from high-likelihood events.    
  • Think about your recovery time objectives and determine the minimum resources necessary to keep your department running.
  • Think about a plan for short-term and long-term alternate recovery locations.
  • Coordinate with ITS and/or your Department's designated ITS person for population of the IT screens  if you are unsure. Identify data back-up intervals and assess solutions for areas that are not adequately backed up. 
  • Upload useful and important documents to the "Documents" section of your BCP. Suggested documents include a list of staff contact information WITH cell phone numbers, evacuation/emergency shelter plans, supplier and vendor contact information.
  • Once your department BCP is complete, the Director or Chair will need to "Mark the Plan Complete." This is accomplished by going to the "What To Do When Done" button and following the steps to prepare to mark the plan complete. 
  • Please provide Jennifer Adamo the names of all persons in your department that need access. Please note that you will not be able to add them to your Contacts list under the "Edit Your Department" button or under the "Add or Remove User" button until Risk Management has set up their access.
  • Please remember  to click on "Add to List" when making a selection from a drop down menu so that your selection will save and appear in the report.
  • Please remember to click on "Save and Continue" at the bottom of each screen or your data may be lost.

 Please direct questions, suggestions/feedback to Jennifer Adamo at x7486. Thank you!