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Below is a list of some of our more frequently requested forms. Please see our Policies page for a more detailed description of each form and for additional forms, links, and information.

For becoming an Authorized Driver:

Authorized Driver Request Form

Complete this form to request becoming an authorized driver. Don’t forget to attach a copy of your driver’s license, and if driving a personal vehicle, a copy of your current auto insurance card as well.

Authorized Driver Acknowledgement Form

 Submit this form with your Authorized Driver Request Form.

For Field Trips:

Field Trip and Off-Campus Trip Notification Form

Faculty or staff sponsors fill out this form prior to the trip.

Informed Consent and Assumption of Risk Form

Students fill out this form if the trip is required for class credit.

Student/Participant Release and Indemnity Agreement

Students/Participants fill out this form if the trip is voluntary.

For Requesting Permission to Serve Alcohol:

Request to Serve Alcohol

Fill out this form if you are requesting to serve alcohol at a University related function.

For Reporting a Work Related Injury:

Supervisor's Report of Injury Form

Supervisors fill out this form if their employee is injured in a work related incident. See additional necessary steps on the Workers’ Comp Policy page.

For Non-Trinity Participants:

Release Form for Non-Trinity Participant

If you are participating in a Trinity event as a non-Trinity member, fill out this form

For Drone Operation:

Contractor/Third party Checklist for the Operation of a Drone, UAV, or UAS
See additional requirements on the Drones Policy page.