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Events on Campus

Hosting an event on campus? There are a few Risk policies to consider! After you have coordinated with the appropriate department, ask yourself…

  • All events on campus must be held in compliance with the Facility Use Policy
  • Visit the Event Review Committee page for information and requirements for hosting an event on campus.
  • Will a contract need to be signed? If so, contact the Associate Director of Risk Management and Insurance so that the contract may be reviewed prior to signing. See our Contract Policy and Procedures page for more information!
  • Will there be minors on campus? If so, please contact Human Resources for the necessary background check and then contact Risk Management about taking the mandatory Protecting Children on Campus: Preventing Sexual Abuse training.
  • Will alcohol be served? If so, please fill out the Request to Serve Alcohol form.
  • Will any release forms need to be signed? See our forms page.