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TigerPaws Registration Instructions

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    As we adapt to the realities of COVID-19, changes were made to this Fall semester. Details along with updates related to Registrar are available on the COVID-19 Updates page. Visit this page for the official, up-to-date details.

Registration for classes at Trinity is done online for all students using TigerPaws. All new students are expected to register before starting classes; new first-year and transfer students register during New Student Orientation. All continuing students are expected to participate in pre-registration in November (for the spring semester) and in April (for the summer term or fall semester). 

We recommend viewing these instructional videos before registration:

Registration steps:

  1. Determine the courses you will be taking for the upcoming semester by logging into TigerPaws and using the Search for Sections link. Contact your adviser well in advance of registration for assistance with course selection (Note: new students will be advised about course selection during orientation). Be careful to verify the complete course and section number (i.e., MATH 1312-1).
  2. Before registration begins, login to TigerPaws.

a. Check your registration status for holds and view your registration date/time window.  Select Student Menu, then click Registration Status. This screen will list any holds that might prevent you from registering.  It will also display your registration start/end date and time.

b. Enter/update your TrinALERT Emergency System contact info. Follow the TrinALERT link under the Registration menu. 

  1. When it is your time to register, log in to TigerPaws, then click the Students menu. There are two registration options. Choose one:

a. Search/Register for sections

Use this option if you would like to look through one or more department’s offerings and then select your course(s) from the list. Select the desired Term (skip Starting and Ending dates fields) then click on up to 5 different subject areas. Under Course Level, choose Graduate. You can then leave all other fields blank and click submit (no need to enter course numbers, but you may). The system will produce a list of all courses in the selected subjects/departments in alpha order. Check the box next to the courses you need, and then click Submit at the bottom of the page. This will display a list of your Preferred Sections. At this point you are not yet registered! Proceed to step 4 below.

b. Express registration

Use this option if you know the exact subject, course number, and section number of the sections you wish to take. For example: Subject = MATH, Course Number = 1311, Section = 1 and Term = Fall 20YY. (Skip the field “Synonym”). After entering this information for your courses, click Submit at the bottom of the page. This will display a list of your Preferred Sections. At this point you are not yet registered! Proceed to step 4 below.

  1. Complete your registration.

Selecting your desired courses by using one of the two registration methods above places them into a Preferred Sections list – something like an online shopping cart. You must now register for the courses you want from your Preferred Sections list. Complete your registration by choosing Register in the drop down menu next to each desired course, then click Submit at the bottom of the page. If your course registrations were processed successfully they will appear on a separate list at the bottom of the page under the heading Current Registrations.

  1. Waitlists. 

If a course shows a status of “Closed” or “Waitlisted” there’s a possibility you can still enroll. First, add the course to your Preferred Sections list (see above). Then, under the column Action, choose Waitlist on the dropdown to the left of the course, then click submit. Check your Tmail at least once daily during registration and add/drop for “permission to register” notices. Permissions are time-sensitive; you’ll have one day to register yourself from the waitlist if granted permission. After that, permission expires and the seat will be offered to the next student. If you no longer want a course for which you’re waitlisted, please remove yourself using “Manage My Waitlists” on TigerPaws. This gives your classmates a better chance of getting a seat (you’d want them to do the same for you!). Only add yourself to waitlists for classes you would actually take.

  1. Last and most important step: Go back to the Students Menu then click My Class Schedule. Select the Term and click Submit. If you have registered successfully, this will bring up a list of all your registered classes. Check your schedule carefully! Then print a hard copy or save a digital copy for your records. This serves as proof of your registration and enrollment.

Trouble-shooting tips…

  • If there are no classes listed on your My Class Schedule page, go back to the Students menu and repeat steps 3, 4 and 5.
  • Try using the Search & Register option to avoid potential typos when entering course numbers.  
  • If your schedule is incorrect, go to Add & Drop Classes to make adjustments.
  • If for some reason you are not able to register, i.e., the class is full, there is a time conflict with another class, etc., you will receive an error message with an explanation. Please make a note of the error message, then follow the instructions provided in the message to resolve the issue.
  • If you receive a message stating "Course is not available for this registration period" make sure you are entering the course information precisely; try using the Search & Register option to select the course from the list to avoid errors.
  • Please contact the Registrar’s Office at 210-999-7201 Monday through Friday 8-5 p.m., or by email at registrar [at] if you need assistance.