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Grading Topics

Grade Entry

Changing Grades online - Verification of Grades: 

Grades entered by faculty through TigerPAWS require a verification process by the Registrar before they can be viewed online by students and advisors. If a mistake is made in grade entry for a section, the instructor for the course is allowed to return to the grading screen and make necessary corrections, but only prior to the published deadlines for grade submission. The verification process, which "locks" grades in place and makes them available online to students, is performed after the deadline (note: graduating senior grades are posted early). Once grades have been verified by the Registrar, no further updates are allowed online. After the published deadlines for grade submission, all grades and grade changes must be submitted in person in the Office of the Registrar. Grades and Grade Changes will not be accepted by email or by fax. 

Valid grades for Graduate Students: 

A, B, C, F, I, PR (Thesis only), PP and FF (Pass/Fail), NC (Non-Credit) 

NOTE: "D" is not a valid grade for Graduate students. 

Valid grades for Undergraduates:

A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+, C, C-, D+, D, F, I, PR (Thesis only), NC(Non-credit - Enter this grade for Course Audits) 

PP, FF (Pass- Fail Grades) "P" is not a valid grade for "Pass" . 

Do not enter W grades. Faculty may not issue a grade of W online at any time. Prior to the course withdrawal deadline, faculty may withdraw students for non-attendance by making a written request to the Registrar. After the deadline for course withdrawals, written permission from the AVPAA is required. 

Instructions for Incomplete grades: 

Incomplete grades require an additional entry of "expire date". Expire date is the date on which the I grade will automatically change to a grade of "F". Enter the date in the format MM/DD/YY (i.e., 05/31/07). Undergraduate students are allowed up to one semester to resolve incomplete grades. Graduate students are allowed one year. A "Statement of Incomplete Grade" form must be submitted to the Registrar for every incomplete grade issued. Forms are available in the Office of the Registrar and can also be downloaded. 

A grade change form must be submitted in person in the Office of the Registrar to change and Incomplete grade to a final grade. Grade changes will not be accepted by email or by fax. 

Pass/Fail Grades: 

Students who have elected the Pass/Fail option are not specifically identified in TigerPAWS. The grading system contains a feature that will automatically convert passing grades entered to "PP" if the student has registered for the course on a Pass/Fail basis. Likewise, a grade of F will be converted automatically to an FF. Note: a single "P" is NOT a valid Trinity grade and therefore will not be accepted by the system; Trinity University's passing grade designation for pass/fail course is "PP".

Graduating Seniors: 

A classification of "GS" on your TigerPAWS grade roster designates that the student is a Graduating Senior. Please not that grades for Graduating Seniors have an earlier deadline for submission. You can enter grades for other students at a later date. 

Deadlines for grade submission:

The last day to enter grades or make corrections will be the deadline for grade submission as stated in the Courses of Study Bulletin. Grades for graduating seniors are due early. 

If unable to submit grades by the deadline, it is important to contact the Registrar in advance, preferably by email. After the published deadline to submit grades has passed, the online grading system will be inaccessible. 

Students can view their grades on TigerPAWS immediately after the grading deadline but not before. 

It is critical that we receive grades on time in order to process graduation, honors, academic standing, and transcript request. 

Internet Browser Settings and Navigation

Set your preferences on the browser to always refresh the screen on every visit to the page. 

A cached version of a page can often generate an older version of the screen and may cause you to see older, inaccurate data. If this should occur, contact the Help Desk (helpdesk [at] or 999-7409) for help in adjusting your browser settings. 

Do not use "auto-complete" for your user id and password.

Turn off automatic features to avoid security issues. This setting may be found under preferences or Internet options depending on your browser.  

If you experience a problem, first try logging out and rebooting your browser. 

Often a refresh of the browser in this way will solve your problem. If you still encounter problems, please call the Helpdesk (210-999-7409) for technical assistance, or send email to them at helpdesk [at] All technical issues (e.g. login problems, password problems, system messages) should be directed to the helpdesk. 

System Security 

Timeout Settings: 

The system will automatically time out if approximately 15 minutes passes between transactions. You should have all of your grades ready for entry prior to starting. Remember to click on SUBMIT at the bottom of the page after entering your grades.

Login ID and Password: 

It is STRONGLY recommended that TigerPAWS passwords are changed often. If you've forgotten your password, you'll need to contact the Help Desk by phone or email at 210-999-7409 or helpdesk [at] After three failed attempts to log in, your access to the system will be temporarily disabled. If this should happen, please contact the Help Desk. 

Help with the Grading Process

If you need assistance in the process of grade entry on TigerPAWS, please contact the Office of the Registrar at 999-7201 or by email at roffice [at] Hard copy grade rosters will be sent upon request to those not able to transmit them online.