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TigerPAWS Grading Instructions

Before getting started, please note: 

  • If you've forgotten your password or if you have problems logging on, you'll need to contact the helpdesk [at] (Help Desk) for assistance by email or by phone at 999-7409. For security reasons, we strongly recommend that you change your TigerPAWS password regularly. 
  • If you have trouble entering grades or questions about online grading, contact the roffice [at] (Office of the Registrar) (999-7201 or by email at Registrar [at] 

Logging On 

  1. Access TigerPAWS then click on "Log In" at the top of the page. Enter your User Name and Password, then click Submit. 
  2. Click on the "Faculty" menu then click on "Grading" under the "Faculty Information" heading. 

Entering Grades

  1. Select the current Term from the drop down box for which grades will be entered then click Submit. Hint: leave the Start Date and End Date fields blank. 

  1. Select Final or Midterm grading, AND choose the course for which grades will be entered. Choose only one course at a time then click Submit. 

  1. A grade roster should be displayed. Verify your course number, title and term. 
  2. Before entering grades, note the following: 
    • Familiarize yourself with valid grades at Trinity (Valid Grades
    • Timeout Settings: The system will automatically time out if approximately 15 minutes passes between transactions. You should have all of your grades ready for entry prior to starting. Remember to click on SUBMIT at the bottom of the page after entering your grades. If need be, you may enter a partial list of grades then return later to finish. 
    • Graduating Seniors. Student Classifications are listed on the roster under the heading "Class Level". Graduating Seniors are designated with a code of "GS". 
    • Pressing the <Enter> key on your keyboard performs the same function as clicking the Submit button with your mouse. 
    • Leave the "Expire Date" blank unless you are entering a grade of Incomplete. If entering an I, type the appropriate Expire Date by which the student must complete the course work. Important: The Expire Date must be entered in this format: MM/DD/YY (i.e., 05/01/18 note the 2-digit year,). When the time allotted to complete the course expires, the grade will be changed automatically to an "F". (Undergraduates have no more than one semester; Graduate students have 2 semesters to complete their work.) 
    • Pass/Fail: The system will automatically convert any passing grade entered to the appropriate grade of PP and a failing grade to FF. Important: the valid grades for Pass/Fail at Trinity are "PP" and "FF" (not "P" and "F").
    • An Information Statement for Grade of Incomplete must be submitted to the Office of the Registrar for all "I" grades issued. 
    • Graduate Faculty: The grade "D" is not an allowable grade for graduate courses. In addition, Plus/Minus (+/-) grades are not valid for graduate courses. 
    • Grade Changes: Grades can be entered or changed online only until the published deadline for grade submission. After the deadline, grades/grade changes must be submitted in person in the Office of the Registrar; this applies also when changing grades of Incomplete to a letter grade. Grades and Grade Changes will not be accepted by email or by fax. 
    • Deadlines apply: Grades not submitted online by the deadline published the Courses of Study Bulleting must be submitted in person in hard copy format to the Office of the Registrar. 
  3. Enter one or more grades, then click the Submit button at the bottom of the page. If you are only grading Graduating Seniors at this time, you may submit a partial grade roll. The remaining students can be added later, but must be graded before the published deadline for grade submission (see the Academic Calendar section of the Courses of Study Bulletin). 
  4. To verify that your grades have been accepted, retrieve the grade roster using steps 1 and 2 above. Your grades will appear on the roster if they have been successfully entered. You will also receive an email to your TU account confirming online grading activity. For final grades, click on the Final Grades Summary link to see a list of courses with missing grades and those that are completely graded. 

Have questions or need more help on TigerPAWS Online Grading?

Contact the Office of the Registrar at 999-7201 or by email at Registrar [at]